bucket list || june

June. Just the name of this magical month gives you pleasant thoughts of watermelon, wiffleball games and summer. During June I want to have several "goals" I want to meet. Here they are:

take at least five photos a day // eat watermelon like nobody's business // cartwheel across the yard in the morning dew // dance under the street lights // play rundown too much // try a new baking recipe ever week // sketch a portrait every day // go on more photo shoots // push myself out of my comfort zone when I'm graphic designing // journal every night // make someone a gift for no reason // laugh a lot

As I complete these, I'll update you guys on what I've done and what I have left. What's on your bucket list for June?

p.s. only two more days to my design sale! And vote on the sidebar poll :)


  1. Love the blog - so maybe we can follow each others blog!? ;)


  2. Love the list! :) and that picture is GORGEOUS!


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