wish upon a star...

Yes, I too drool over things I want but can't afford. For instance:




I have been obsessed with these shirts. Don't ask me why, because I don't know myself, but I think they are adorable!

Quote Bracelet "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor" With Fresh Water Pearl Inspired By The Hunger Games

Seriously. How amazing is that?

Leather Journal, Handmade, Spring Bird

I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to venture off with a pencil and sketch and write my heart out in this!

What's currently on your wish-list?




I went to see the Hunger Games this weekend. Twice. Yep, it was just that good. I loved every minute of it. I thought the actors, sets, and the choices to leave out certain things were all smart and perfect. And I thought after seeing the movie I would get over my whole "everything I say or do reminds me of the hunger games" issue, but no, it strengthened it. For example:

1. me: "I'm gonna make a sandwich."
Hunger Games reference: sandwich=bread // bread=boy with the bread // boy with the bread=Peeta Mellark

2. me: "I'm gonna blog."
Hunger Games reference: blogging=computer // computer=electronic // electronic=District 3

3. me: "Okay guys, want to hear a joke?"
Hunger Games reference: joke=funny // funny=Jennifer Lawrence // Jennifer Lawrence=Katniss

Yeah, it's slightly unhealthy. I even wore this look to school on Thursday to honor the midnight premier :)

Have you seen the hunger games yet? If so, what were your thoughts?
Which photo is your favorite?



spring palettes

After subscribing to design seeds a while back(you have to check out there site if you haven't already!), I finally decided to try and make a few of my own palettes. Here are my attempts:

As you can see, I'm a beginner. I didn't even bother to do the same measurements. Oh well. But I like the photos, they're very.... springy ;)
Thank you design seeds for the inspiration!

Which one is your favorite?
p.s. say goodbye to the old minima template! I know, it's sad, but I've just made too many changes on it and it's become too complicated :( Now I'll have to fiddle around with the new templates and try to make this li'l blog look as nice and sleek as possible!


hello, spring.

I. love. spring. with. a. fierce. burning. passion.

An  update on my life:
Lots of testing in school (blech) and lots of basketball playing with my Mark. Seriously, this kid is good. Or maybe I just stink. Probably a little bit o' both ;) I've played "around the world" with him at least ten times in the last three days and I haven't won once.
Yeah, that's kinda embarrassing but it's still fun, and in my defense, I don't shoot too horribly, he just shoots extremely well...

Have you gotten warm weather yet? Which photo is your favorite?

p.s. I just did a makeup tutorial for green eyes (Happy belated St. Patty's Day!) on my beauty blog, and don't forget to link up to Sunday Spark!


the hunger games tag

With the grand premier of the Hunger Games movie in just ONE WEEK(!!!!!!) I've decided to honor the occasion by creating a Hunger Games tag! EEK! Here are the rules:

1. You must be an insane, crazy, die-hard fan of the Hunger Games to be able to do this tag.

2. If I tag you, you must make up your own question and tag as many fans I you can think of ;) Yep, that's pretty much it. So, without further ado, here are the questions:

1. Your sister's/brother's/best friend's name gets called at the reaping. What is your immediate reaction?
I would do anything for my siblings, without a doubt I would volunteer myself. That is the complete and honest truth. Though, I have to admit, I'd be bawling my eyes out!

2. In the training center, there are several different stations to practice your skills, some of them being how to camouflage yourself, archery, sword training, climbing, spear throwing, hand-to-hand combat (wresting), and agility. Which one would you head for?
My strategy would probably be to spend an hour at each station every day. Or work on what I was worst at, which would probably be wrestling. But then again, I've never exactly "speared" anyone ;)

3. You're in the arena and the countdown has just started. When the cannon goes off, what's your strategy?
I hope I'm not alone in saying I'd get the heck out of there. I would definitely run as fast I could away from everybody else. With any luck I'd be able just to hide somewhere and let everyone else do the dirty work...

4. You are feeling like you're being watched. You glance over your shoulder and sure enough, the youngest tribute in the Games is watching you. What do you do?
It would depend on what this tribute was doing. If he/she had a weapon at the ready I would either run away as fast I could , or get down on my knees and beg and cry. If he/she was weaponless, then I'd probably attempt prove to them that I'm a total wimp and try to make a new friend :)

5. There are only four tributes left in the arena, including you. What do you do?
Find somewhere safe to hide!

6. Which supporting character are you most like and why?
Gaah! This is hard for me, but I'm going to have to say........... geez, I really don't know! Probably Madge, just because she's loyal and trustworthy.

7. Which supporting character is your favorite?
Cinna. By far Cinna. Definitely Cinna. 100 percent, without a doubt, no question, Cinna. Hey, did I mention Cinna? Because I absolutely love him. Not sure if you knew or not.... ;) Rue is a close second though (as in being-a-millimeter-away-close second).

That's it! I tag:

Megan Kristine
Abby Moreland

And YOU if you're a Hunger Games fan :) If you do this tag, please leave a link to it in a comment, I'd love to see your answers!



makeup tutorial: starting out

I've gotten several requests in the last few weeks to do a makeup tutorial for people who are new to makeup. After pondering what I did when I started out with makeup, I decided it would be better not to re-create my very first look ;) No, it wasn't terrible, just a tad too dark for someone starting out.
Anywho, here's what I think would be a great look for someone who's beginning with makeup:

Products used:
Revlon Creme Shadows
CoverGirl Eyeshadow single in Champagne
Wet n Wild eyeshadow single in Nutty
Physicians Formula Retractable eyeliner in black
CoverGirl Professional All-in-One mascara

I hope this tutorial was helpful! If you have any requests for future tutorials, leave a comment and I'll get right to it!



the paper mama photo challenge – from above

Hey ya'll! I hope you're all having an amazing Saturday! The Paper Mama Photo challenge has rolled around again, and after many weeks and months of observing, I'm actually participating in this one! Here's the photo I'm entering:

Link up HERE! The button wouldn't work, so I just had to use a link :P

Happy weekend!

p.s. check out Mark's blog!


helloooo little birdy

Just a few photos I snapped a couple days ago. Geez, I love when the birds come back at the beginning of spring! I've been pondering the thought of doing a spring makeup tutorial, what do you guys think? Oh, and for the hunger games movie, I'm gonna do a little count-down thing. I'm not sure if it'll be a week-long or five days or something, but I'll figure it out!
Are you guys as excited as I am for the movie?


p.s. go check out my little brother's blog, he's kinda new to blogging and needs encouragement ;) and once I get 50 followers on my makeup blog, I'm going to have a pretty decent giveaway!