happy halloween!

Happy halloween!

I'm being a black cat. And yes, I do have ears, I just haven't put them on yet :) (psst! Did I forget to mentio I was a black cat four years ago?...... ;])

What are you guys being?



its halloween, not christmas!

You know when you walk into a department store and its the first day of October and they have Christmas decoration before Thanksgiving? Or even halloween?
Weeellll, not that I don't adore Christmas, but c'mon, what happened to all the ghosts, witches and pumpkins? Oh yeah, they got rid of those right after Easter ;)

But today I was in the Christmas spirit. Was it the fact that the shops were all decked in red and green tinsel? Was it the fact that they had holiday specials? No, it was the fact that this morning when a sleepily looked out my window, I saw snow on our neighbor's rooftop. For real.
I was suddenly wide awake. I pulled on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt and grabbed my camera. As I stepped out the door and the cold air hit me, I never wanted Christmas to came more.

As I type this, the snow is melting rapidly. It was definitely nice while it lasted, but now we have to endure the mucky slush that comes after the soft white crystals.

Have you had your first snow yet?



my cottage by the sea

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aaahhh...... happy friday!

p.s. Luke is in a tennis tournament this weekend and his first match is this afternoon! Sadly, I can't be there, but join me in wishing him luck!


a little pondering

ssooooo, I've been pondering this idea I had, and I want to hear all of your opinions:

I've been considering making a youtube channel for makeup tutorials, because I don't want to have makeup after makeup after makeup post here. If I had a channel, I'd be able to do as many tutorials as I wanted to.
Whaddya think? Would you guys watch some videos if I made them?



makeup tutorial: autumn metal

soooo, Bree Holloway requested a fall look, and I started thinking: I've already done a nice, soft natural fall look, so how 'bout one on "the wild side" ;)

step one: prime your lids and lower lashline with anything you have. Here I have Revlon Cream Shadow.

step two: pat on a metallic finished dark orange shadow all over your lid and sweep it on your lower lashline. Maybe even bring it out a little for a small, smoky wing :) I'm using a color from a palette by Profusion Cosmetics.

step three: line your waterline with black liner. I used jordana's black eyeliner. (I recently bought this and I like for the waterline, but it's not quite soft enough for the upper lashline :])

step four: line your upper lashline with black liner, liquid, gel, or pencil, I just used Physician Formula's Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner in the black that came with the green eyes trio.

step five: apply a two coats of your favorite black mascara. I used wet n wild's mega volume mascara

if you want me to do any special tutorials please put your requests in a comment!
Happy Monday!



some drawings

so, for the past day and a half I've been looking up photos of celebrities and attempting to draw them. Here are a few ones I've finished:

I don't even know why I'm bothering to post this one. It turned out nothing like Demi Lovato, but I still kinda like it.....

My attempt at Katy Perry. I think I got the eyes right, but I totally messed up on the mouth :P

Okay.... I would call this a mix between Taylor Lautner and John Travolta. You can decide which one it really is....

and, of course, I had to do Taylor Swift. I love her, and this is the first time I've tried to sketch her. I think it turned out okay, but for some reason she seems angry or something...... ;P

What's your favorite thing to draw?



makeup tutorial: midnight plum

I'm back with another makeup tutorial! And I really apologize for the awful lighting. Right after I finished doing the makeup I realized there was amazing lighting in the bathroom (yes, the bathroom) so I took the final shots in there ;)

step 1: prime your lids with Revlon Cream Shadow. I'm using the second-to-lightest color in the "not just nudes" palette.

step 2: sweep a nude matte colored shadow over your whole lid. I'm using a color from the coastal scents 88 original palette

step 3: pat Wisteria by Madison Street Beauty on the outer half of your lid.

step 4: sweep Galaxy from Madison Street Beauty into your crease and outer corner (fyi, galaxy is actually a lot more purple on skin than it is in the jar)

step 5: line your lower-lash-line/waterline with purple eyeliner. I'm using gel eyeliner from Physicians Formula for green eyes

step 6: line the outer half of your upper lash-line and coat your lashes with your favorite mascara. I'm using jordana INCOLOR Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner and covergirl's lash perfection mascara


I hope you guys will find this tutorial useful and pleasepleaseplease if you have any requests for future looks leave it in a comment!



photo shoot pt 2

Do you guys remember Jodie?

c'mon, you have to remember Jodie! She's one of my gawgeous friends :) Well, she's on the bloggity-blog again today, so enjoy!

funny story about this picture. Jodie was sitting in front of this huge bush we have in our yard and I told her, "okay, look over at Kate–seriously, just stare at her face–and try not to think how awkward it is." This caused her to look over at her and make a face similar to one that an elderly toothless woman would make because she was trying not to laugh too hard ;)

thanks for posing, jo :)
which photo is your favorite everybody?

p.s. please vote on the sidebar poll! :) Also, I have two tests today in school, please wish me luck!


photo shoot pt 1

Meet Kelsey:
she was one of my fantabulous models on sunday. We seriously had so much fun on this photoshoot! Soooo, here are the photos I snapped of Kelsey...

thanks so much, kels, for letting me boss you around for an hour ;)
which photo is your favorite?

Up next, pictures of Jodie!

p.s. please vote on the poll in the sidebar!


a quickie before school :)

hey guys! sorry for not posting sooner, but I've been, well, kinda busy, what with going to school nine hours a day and all ;)

So, I'm actually typing this as I eat my breakfast, so I can't spend much time on it. But, just updating the blog to tell you I'm alive and well! AND I have some exciting news! Over the weekend Jodie, my other friend Kelsey, Kate and I had a photoshoot. it. was. amazing.

So I'll post those pictures as soon as I can!

happy Tuesday!



my cinderella palace

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p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway over at Bella Vita. Check it out!