I Will be Back Saturday or Sunday!

I am leaving blogger for a couple days for a New Year break


P.S. Also, the most amazing blog design ever will be installed when I get back!


A Couple Blog Hops

First is Carlotta's "On Cloud Nine" blog hop:

I love bokeh!

Next, I'm participating in black and white Wednesday:

the long road

And here's a random photo for the road:


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Craving a Photo Shoot

It's nearly driving me mad! I simply must go out on a photo shoot with someone! Last night my two cousins had a sleep over with us and this morning I suggested a winter photo shoot. It was freezing out and that idea was eliminated but then we thought we could get a couple white sheets and put them around the living room. We were all set with the outfits and the lights and props and everything but then we discovered something:

We don't own any white sheets.

I know. It's crazy.

So we ended up not having a photo shoot at all. Bummer. Anyway, here are some Christmas tree ornament  photos that I forgot to post:

How do you like my shnazzy new watermark? ;)


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This May Be the Shortest Post in Blogger History

But it sure has a long title! I just wanted to wish all of my readers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!



Carlotta's Photo Challenge

The very talented Miss Carlotta is hosting a photo challenge over at her blog Pastor's Girl's Ponderings.
Carlotta has AMAZING photography and I love love love her blog!
Here's the photo I'm entering:

I just took this photo today and I love it!
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A Photo Challenge


Hello friends! It has been decided that I am going to host a photo challenge! So exciting, right? You bet it is! So anyway, the theme of this photo challenge will be:


I love looking at food photos, don't you? I know you do. On with the rules (Yes unfortunately there must be rules...):

1. The photo must be taken by YOU!

2. You may only enter one photo

3. One of the "Hannah's photo challenge" buttons must be in the post.

Have fun! I can't wait to see your desert photos!! And if you have any questions feel free to email me!
Winners will be announced January 7th!


Crafting Has Sucked Me Into it's Beautiful World

It's true. Once I started to make Christmas presents the crafting part of my brain kept tugging at my hands to just make one more bracelet, or one more pair of earrings. I could go on and on about all the things I want to make but right now I'm totally hooked on clay pendants. I just started to make these this morning and it's so easy/fun I banged out ten in a couple hours.

This one is the very first one that I made. It's unfinished.
To make them, all you have to do is take 2 pieces if clay and roll them together until they look like one ball of clay with two different colors. Flatten the ball and poke a hole near the edge of it. Then take a toothpick or a piece of wire and go crazy with a design. When I'm making the design I enter my happy place, I mean it's just pure bliss for me. Then just bake the clay at the temperature it's supposed to be baked at (it usually says on the clay package) and ta-da! You have an extremely cute pendant for a necklace.


The Art of Making Christmas Gifts

Yes my friends, making Christmas gifts is an art. An art that's extremely challenging, but very fun. All morning I've been working on gifts for friends. I have most of them done but have a few more things to come up with/make. Like I said, I was making gifts all morning but I didn't take a single photo *dodges things that are being thrown at me*.
I know, I know, I've scolded myself enough already. But I would love to here what you're making for people!
Also, I have a HUGE surprise for you guys! Unfortunately it will be after Christmas, but I'll give you all the details when I say what it is.
Okay, this post just looks naked without a photo so..............

The above photos are from a different crafting project :)
Do you buy or make your gifts?



Santa Clause Has Come to Town!

That's right! Santa came to town yesterday! And it was a slightly strange presentation of him, because instead of reindeer and his sleigh, he was riding on a fire truck........

My little brother waited an hour in the freezing cold for Santa to come down our street:
Yeah, the photo above is when he first went out. This is him a little later:

And when Santa finally came around...............
He was so happy he did a little skippy-thing when he ran home:
And that is the story of when Santa Clause came to town.


P.S. Some Etsy excitement! One of my handmade bracelets was featured in a treasury! Click HERE to see the treasury and HERE to see the bracelet.


In Which I Show You Times Where I Goof Off With my Sister

We're getting in the Christmas spirit in an............. interesting way ;)


Preparing for Christmas

Merry almost-Christmas friends! Have you gotten your tree yet? Stuffed yourselves with dozens of gingerbread and sugar cookies? Making and/or buying presents? Have you made your Christmas list? Have you been naughty or nice? Well? I know I've been a perfect angel all year long ;) This morning we decorated our tree:

The first ornament I put on the tree. Isn't it so cute?

I' entering this next photo in Hannah's Christmas photo challenge :)

Aspire Photo Challenge

And what would be a Christmas tree post without a little bokeh?

Do you have any favorite Christmas photos? I would love to see them! Just leave a link in a comment!



Congratulations to.........

Victoria! She has won the 50 followers giveaway! Victoria, please email me by clicking the "contact" button near the top of the screen :) Thanks to everyone who entered! Victoria, I can't wait to start working with you!



(A Few of) My Favorite Things

Here are a few things I love (I am not being paid to say any of this, I just love these things!):

1. Prismacolor Colored Pencils
(Not my photo)

Yes, folks, I am in love with Prismacolor colored pencils. I am fortunate enough to have gotten the 132 pack a few years ago for Christmas and I adore the soft colors, smooth tips and great quality.

2. Newsboy caps

(Not my photo)
I don't have any, but when I go shopping and see one I instantly go over and try it on!

3. My camera
(Not my photo)

I am in love with this guy. I still haven't thought of a name for him yet. Yes, for some reason I know it's a "him" :] Any name suggestions?

These cookies! :)

5. This dog :)

6. Christmas tree farms:

7. This bracelet:
AE Yellow Beaded Charm Bracelets
(Not my photo)

Is it gorgeous or what?

8. Psych. Seriously best T.V. show ever!

More of my favorite things coming up!