fashionably me: my outfit 2/28/11

Hey guys! Since I really like doing that first outfit post I decided, "what the hay?" and so I'm doing another one :)

I was sketching different outfits in my fashion notebook and I realized I had similar clothing items to the model in the sketch. Here's the drawing:

A quick fashion sketch

And here's my outfit:



For an outfit post on my blog
shirt: american eagle / jeans: big star(?) / sweater thing: made by me

Hope you guys like this!



H~inspired~ is now selling more jewelry!

Yay! I love selling photography, but my love for making jewelry was so overwhelming I just had to share the stuff I made:

etsy earings

etsy necklace

These are only two of the jewelry products I'm planning to add to my shop. Feel free to stop by! And maybe you'll find something you like ;)



when life gives you lemons...

You photograph them! Hey guys! Over the past few days I've been obsessing over food photography. This post is chock full of different food photos. Enjoy :)


When Life Gives You Lemons...



My brother made chocolate chip cookies and I took about fifty million photos of them ;)







My family has been coughing and sneezing and *cough puking cough* for the past few days and so of course there are popsicles in the house:



And, since I was bored and there were bananas lying around...





I hope you liked the food photos!


P.S. there's an awesome giveaway going on over at Hannah's Hangout. Go check it out!


time to breathe

I don't know if I ever told you this, but my one word for 2011 is  focus.

And so far I've been slacking off that word. I've lost sight of what I need to do and sort of just go with what I want to do.

So what do I do about it?

tea 3

tea 3

tea 1

I stop and b r e a t h e.

I sit and read a good book. I relax and have a cup of tea. I lie on my bed, close my eyes and let all of the stress I feel drain out of my system for a few moments.

And then I'm ready to focus.

On schoolwork, on photography, on life.

I need to to focus more on what I'd rather not do. On what I avoid for as long as I can. On what in my eyes just seems like a chore. I need to get down and do it. Because I know I can, I just don't want to.
I need to train myself to do the things that I try to put off first, so I can have the rest of the day to enjoy what I want to do.

Would you like the short version of that?

I  n e e d  t o  f o c u s



fashionably me: my outfit 2/24/11

Hey guys! Since this is my first outfit outfit post I thought I would start with something simple, nothing too epic ;)



sweater: american eagle / jeans: citizens of humanity / necklace: gift from my grandparents

You can't really see the necklace but it's a heart shape. Probably my favorite necklace I own :)

I really enjoyed doing this! It's pretty plain I guess but as I do more outfit posts I'll start making them more..... interesting ;)



miscellaneous ramblings

Hey guys, remember me? My name is Hannah, I'm the author of this blog. I haven't been here for about a week now..... oops!
Anyway, on with the ramblings:

1) Another wizarding skill revealed!

My sister and I have the rare skill of...


Making wands!


This is my wand, it chose me ;]:


2) Shoe shopping

Wow, I didn't realize until this day how much I didn't like it. We had to go shoe shopping today for me, Mark and Luke and it took 2 and a half hours!
I mean, I love shoes, and I like buying them when your shopping for something else, but with shoes the main product being searched for, its not an afternoon full of joy...

3) Outfit posts

Would you like me to do some outfit posts? Just a few each month? Tell me what you think.

4) Painting

I've been loving painting lately. Here's something that I recently painted:

A Painting

Well, thats enough rambles for today. It's almost dinner time and I have to take some shots of the homemade pizza before it totally gone :)




I heart apples. Well, who doesn't? I don't know anyone who doesn't like a good red delicious...

apple 3

apple 2

apple 1

Aaah, apples ;)


hello, miss mermaid.

Remember in my miscellaneous ramblings post I mentioned clay? Well, here's what my sister and I have been doing with clay:

Yep, mermaids.








Which one is your favorite?


miscellaneous ramblings

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book One: The Lightning Thief
Wow. I mean, WOW. Sure, I've been hearing about the Percy Jackson books for a while now. I knew they were pretty big and all but I just never got around to reading them. Yesterday I started the first book and I LOVE IT!! I lied in bed this morning for seriously three hours just reading. I can't even find a word perfect enough to describe it :)

2. Spring Fever
I. need. spring. so. badly. Right now it's so ugly and dreary outside I want to climb the stairs to heaven and have a serious talk with the big man about the weather around here ;)

3. Seeing your neighbor walking her dog
Why do I like this? Because if you knew the neighbor you'd want to go up to her and wait for her to make you laugh. Seriously whenever I'm around her she cracks me up! (you know who you are ;])

4. Clay
Does anyone else just love clay? Especially when you have some awesome ideas in mind? My sister and I have been working our fingers to the bone squishing and forming clay the past few days. In my next post I'll show you what we've been making :]

5. Stories Swimming
I have the best idea for a novel but I just can't put it into action! I mean, I guess I could, but whenever I want to write down a story my mind sorta shuts down and prefers to keep the story to itself. :P

6. Emoticons
Have you noticed I've used one in every rambling? ;]

7. Photography
I have none for this post =P

8. Scratch That Last Rambling...
I found a photo:

Until next time!



food photography

I. love. food photography. Love it. There's something about a perfectly lighted photo and an appetizing subject that just make me smile and want to look at them all day...

Have I mentioned that my dad makes the best pancakes and french toast in the universe?

To see more food photography go check out Carlotta's blog and Olivia's blog


P.S. If you have any awesome photos of food I would love to see them!