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Please wish my amazing sister Kate a very happy birthday! She is one year away from being a teenager! Whoop! Happy b-day kate, you're awesome :)

p.s. you guys are going to see some changes around here pretty soon (as in one week!). I'm super excited and have been working my butt off preparing for it ;) photos to come!


randomness galore

More palettes for you! I really love making these, especially with nature photos :)

If you can remember from my previous post, I said I've been using a certain makeup look for the past week. That hasn't changed, but I added something to it. I've been lightly lining my waterline with white eyeliner. It totally brightens up my eyes and give the whole look a softer appearance.

Now before you start raving about how incredibly brave and amazing I am for getting so close to a wasp just to take pictures of it, you should know that there was an inch of glass separating us. There is no way this big chicken is getting that close to a creature with a stinger!


We went to my great-aunts this weekend and it was a blast. Some highlights:

caramel frappes on the drive up

watching "Titanic", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Grease" with Kate and my cousins. Twice.

playing four-square with Mark and my cousin with bare feet in the pouring rain. (ok, technically three-square) It's been ages since I've played in the rain, and it was so... rejuvenating. After about 45 minutes we went back inside with crazy curly/stringy hair, sopping clothes, dirty feet, and light spirits.

How was your weekend?



life as of late No. 2

what? no, I wasn't standing on the table to get these photos. Psh, what are you talking about?

this has been my makeup look for the past week. I'm seriously in love, and it only takes about five minutes! (you know I love a makeup look when I where it over three days in a row ;])
maybelline color tattoo in bad to the bronze // Profusion palette: champagne color // wet n wild liquid liner in black // covergirl professional all-in-one mascara

my dad seriously makes the best pancakes ever. Why he doesn't open a diner I'll never know...

It's been rainier around here lately, but I don't really mind, it makes for nice photos :) Oh, and I would like to announce....

My new and improved design business!
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happy little links

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Oh, and go check out Hannah's blog (great name, right? ;]). I pretty much drool all over the place every time I visit it ;)

Happy Thursday!
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makeup tutorial: simple smoky eye

Hey everyone! Since another holiday has rolled around, I thought I would do a look that would be appropriate for parties or family gatherings or anything else you may be doing!

Products used:
Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow in Too Cool
wet n wild Don't Steal My Thunder Trio
Covergirl Liquiline Blast Liner in Black Fire
Milani Color Brilliance Eyeliner in green
Covergirl Professional all-in-one mascara

step 1: prime your lids

step 2: set the primer with a shimmery white shadow

step 3: line your top lashline with black and go crazy with the smudging ;)

step 4: sweep a silver shadow over the smudged liner and blend upwards to give it that "gradient" effect

step 5: with a black shadow, re-intensify the black liner by going over it. Also, smudge a little black shadow on the outer third of your lower lashline

step 6: line your upper lid with liquid liner and if you wanna get all fancy-shmancy like I did, give it a little flick and wing it!

step 7: This step is optional, but if you want to you can line your waterline with a fun color. I did green (the below photo does this liner no justice) and it kinda brightened the look up a bit.

step 8: make your lashes "dramatized!" With slow strokes, wiggle your mascara wand from the "root" of your lashes to the end. This method allows your lashes to get maximum volume :)

you are done!
^^^you can see the green liner a little better in this photo^^^
Simple, quick, and totally wearable. This look is pretty universal and will look great on pretty much everyone!
Hope you enjoyed!



phone calls, family, friends, and food.

After five days in the hospital, my grandad passed away. It happened last night around nine, and of course my mom and dad had to go right to the hospital. It was peaceful though, and he was with three of my uncles. It was the best way to go for him, surrounded by his family.
Around midnight my parents came home and I went to bed, just thinking about him and wishing I got to talk to him properly before he died. But today was way better. The phone has been ringing off the hook and friend and relatives have been popping in for visits.
And the food train has started. This morning I awoke, took a shower and headed downstairs to find this on the table:

Needless to say it was a satisfying breakfast.

Like I said, the mood this morning is much better. When something tragic happens in the family, I'm more of a "mourn and move-on" kind of person. Sure, it's sad, but I know he's in a better place. And I'm gonna try to be strong for my siblings too.

Art really has been a life-saver for me. My camera hasn't left my presence this whole morning. I'm snapping my sadness away ;)
I decided to do a makeup look that reminded me of my grandad. Check out the tutorial here :)

Have a nice Friday!
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photography=best stress reliever EV-AH!

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One thing I love about being on spring break is I can grab my camera whenever I want and go out and take some photos. I never realized how much I missed snapping away, and how much I need it. With my grandfather's condition unchanging in the hospital, photography is sort of my way of coping with stress.
Which photo is your favorite?

p.s. Sorry for sudden change in blog design, I'm trying to find one that'll keep me happy until I can take the time to do one more... classy. And Destiny is having a giveaway sponsored by me over at her blog adorkable! Go check it out, and make sure to tell all you friends ;) Oh, and check out Mark's blog, it's totally "awesome" ;)