vacation part I

Sorry I haven't posted in a while guys, it's really hard to get internet connection here :)

I am loving my vacation! It is so awesome just to be alone and have quiet all day long, even if it's hard to get used to (you people with 3+ siblings will understand this!).
During the car drive here I watched as the scenes out my window shifted from suburbs to city to long, endless roads to countryside and back to suburbs again, only the neighborhood I'm in now is so much more quiet than the one I live in (seriously, I'm outside typing this and all I hear are crickets chirping and a dog barking on and off in the distance).

sorry this is a picture-less post but when you only have one bar of internet connection the photo uploader doesn't really cooperate :P
So now I will leave you for who knows how long, maybe until I get back, but the laptop battery is in the red zone and there is a scary bug buzzing around so I'll talk to ya'll later!

I hope I can post again soon!
till next time,



in the mountains

a few days ago we got back fro a trip to our mountain house. So. Fun. I'm writing this post quick because I have to pack (more on that later) but here is what my few days in the mountains consisted of:

baking a chocolate cake for my dad's birthday...

admiring my funky boots...

walking in the woods...

watching kate catch salamanders (I won't touch the slimy little things ;])

and just trying my best to experience the beauty of everything without going nuts about all the tiny bugs flying around my head.  don't know why but there were waaayyyy more than usual...

and now friends I must go finish packing for my second great adventure. I am journeying to my great aunt's house where I will catch up on some rest and relaxation for a week+. 
I'm not sure if I'll be able to post or not because my aunt doesn't have wifi, but we'll see :) 

till next time,


three days of cuteness: day two+happy birthday to the best dad in the world!

And now ladies and gents, it's time for me to inform you that it is my dad's birthday. Yeeeah buddy!
Let me just tell you this:

My dad is amazing!

Here are 10 awesome things about my dad:

1. he can think up the best answers for "scategories"

2. he's fun

3. he's smart

4. he's just about the best pancake/french toast/waffle maker in the world (if anyone who works at a waffle house or something is reading this, you should be disappointed  he's not working for you)!

5. he's a great teacher

6. he's very serious about his faith

7. he's a hard worker

8. he can make anyone laugh easily

9. he's honest

10. my dad cares about and loves everyone in his family. How do I know this? Because he shows it each and everyday. And thats why he's so awesome :)

Happy birthday Daddy! I love you!



back in the swing of things

It felt so good to pick up my camera again. After leaving it to sit on the dining room table for a week without being used, I figured it needed to get back into shape...

ah, it feels good to back :)



in the sun

Over the past few days I've been in the hot sun for an average of four hours a day. Why? Because I've been ballpersoning for a pro tennis tournament.
Super fun, though it requires a whole lot of focus. At one point one of the head ballgirls fainted. The scariest on-court experience ever. No worries though, she was just dehydrated, and recovered quickly after downing two bottles of Powerade. Unfortunately, then a ballboy got sick and had to walk off the court, which is why I had to work the net by myself. The most fun, intense moments of my ballpersoning career :) But sadly, the woman who runs and organizes the ballpeople pulled me off court. She thought I looked sick because I had a "little" sunburn on my face. Oh well. (seriously, you should see my sunburn. Man, I wish I got tan, all I get is red and freckled :P fortunately, sunburn doesn't hurt me, it just looks bad :])
Sorry for the lack of photos in this post, since the past week has been so hectic i haven't gotten a chance to even pick up my camera.
I think this week will be a little less busy, and there are some gorgeous lilacs or something blooming here, so I'll pull my camera out its vacation and start snapping photos like a maniac again ;)

till next time,


a quick post with two photos and two random subjects ;)

okay, what is up with this new blogger dashboard? I mean, what was wrong with the old one? Nothing. *sigh* change is good when you want it, not good when you don't. :P

Aannd Luke's other baseball team won the league championship!
right before his last pitch, which by the way, he won the game with a strike-out :D
p.s. sorry for the slightly boring posts, I have't gotten a chance to go out and take some photos for a while, I've been so busy. I promise a few nice, long picture posts when this hectic week is over :)


the fourth

happy (belated) fourth of July! Did you all enjoy your cookouts and watermelon? Sparklers and fireworks? We sure did!

firework bokeh :)
We went over to a neighbors house to have 4th of July dinner, consisting of hamburgers, hotdogs, salad and an assortment of things I was too full to eat ;) for dessert there were brownies and s'more cupcakes.

I decided I wanted to be creative with my makeup...
What did you do for Independence day?



good times

Right now, sitting here with my cousins, I'm having a pretty fun time. After a night of eating fudgesicles, goofing around in the driveway (aka riding scooters and taking photos while leaping through the air ;]), playing apples to apples and watching "Grease", I'll always remember this trip. This night.
The people surrounding me are people who I'll never get tired of being around. Considering we only see these cousins three or four times a year we're all just appreciating these times.
At the moment Peebles (my 10yo cousins nickname) is running around the room trying to squish a moth.
As for me, I'm sooo pooped out. Still having fun, just tired.

Well, this has been a random, chopped up post, and in my opinion pretty badly written, but my brain can't function that well at 12:07am. Till next time friends!