monday loves

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Just a little morning inspiration.
Happy Monday!



little treasures

I treasure those moments when I first step outside on a frosty, winter day. The air is crisp and fresh and bites at my eyes and nose. An icy wind plays with my hair and sends small clumps of snow sailing off branches of trees and onto the white, crystal-covered ground. My soft boots are warm at first, but after treading through the snow for a few minutes, my toes begin to get chilled.

I treasure those first few sips of hot tea, with a dash of cream and a teaspoon of sugar.

I treasure creativity. Art really is an amazing thing.

I treasure golden afternoon sunlight streaming through windows.

I treasure lazy days and slouchy beanies and photography.

What do you treasure?




A light snow greeted us today. It sprinkled down from the dim clouds, dusting the dead trees and spreading itself in a thin coat over the cold ground. After many wishes that we wouldn't have another snow this winter, the flurries seemed to be taunting us, allowing the sun to peek out from behind the clouds every once in a while then going right back and falling faster.
I peered out my window, wondering how such an enchanting substance could be so unwelcome. Christmas is over, the holiday magic is gone, and the thought of snow now is just an annoyance. And yet, it is so enchanting...



on the coast of somewhere beautiful // makeup tutorial

currently listening to: On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful by Kenny Chesney

Hellllooooooo everybody! I'm back with one of my favorite looks so far, and it's inspired by one of my favorite songs.
Every morning on the bus, I listen to the same playlist. I have been since last year around September. Same playlist every single morning. I've added a few songs and taken away a couple, but in general I fall asleep every morning on the bus to the same songs. Not a problem with me. In fact, I love it.
All the songs are country, the newest songs being a few select tracks from Taylor Swift's Album "Speak Now", and the oldest tracks coming from Alabama, Blackhawk, and other miscellaneous old-country artists that I grew up listening to.
This look is inspired by one of my favorite Kenny Chesney songs. Enjoy!

 step 1: prime your lids so your shadows will stay in place all day. I chose to use Lorac's Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
 step 2: Pat a shimmery light gold-champagne shadow all over your lid. I'm using my ring finger for this step because I found that it packs on the color best. All of the shadows I'm using in this look are from a Sephora limited edition makeup set.
 step 3: Sweep a matte brown shadow that's 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone into your crease.

 step 4: Pat a deep red/pink shadow on the outer third of your lid.

step 5: Make a "v" shape with a purple shadow in the outer third of you lid. Fade the shadow into your crease. Also, smudge the shadow onto the outer third of your lower lashline.

 step 6: Line your upper lashline with a deep plum pencil. I used Rimmel's Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Passion.

 step 7: Line your waterline with the same pencil.

 step 8: Make ultra-thin line of black liquid liner on your top lashline. Winging it out is optional, but I didn't because of how colorful and dramatic the shadows are in the crease.

 step 9: Apply several coats of mascara. I've been using the Maybelline Volum' Express Mega Plush Mascara in Blackest Black.

step 10: Don't forget to highlight! I dabbed a bit of Wet n Wild's shadow pencil in pixie to brighten up my inner corner.

Finish off with a light, fresh pinky/plummy blush. I use Maybelline's Dream Mouse Blush in Soft Plum (yes, they're discontinued but I snagged two of them while they were on their final sale at CVS).

I hope you guys enjoyed this look, and if you'd like me to continue with looks inspired by songs on my playlist, comment and I'll pick another one to share!
(Also, sorry for some of the photos having poor lighting/being a bit pixelated. I had to shoot this in the late afternoon and there wasn't much daylight left :P)



a new year's resolution

My first post of the new year on January 9th? Well..... I wish you all a belated Happy New Year!

I'm going to let you in on a secret: I've always been terrible at setting new-year resolutions. I mean really awful. I can never think of anything that I want to do or pick something that I have the will power to stick with.
However, I've made up my mind about something to do this year. I chose something that I've been missing, something that I haven't done in a while and miss very much.

Art. Creating. Ever since I started going to school, I've gotten less and less time to draw, paint, and craft. I think this is kind of ironic, considering I go to an art school... But I digress. I miss it. So so much.
Art was my favorite form of relaxation, it was something I could rely on to take me away from reality for an hour or two. A way for me to just let stress melt out of my mind for a while.
So I've decided to start drawing more, despite my insane schedule. Once a week. I will be happy if once a week I just sit down with a pencil and a sketch pad and do whatever I want. I may even post some photos of my creations :)

Do you have a new-years resolution?