Update on stuff goin' on around here

Hey guys! Wow has this week been busy (or at least it seems like it)! Today I played with a highschool tennis team and babysat my cousins, ages 1 and 4. Yesterday Luke had a playoff baseball game and his team is in the championship!! The game was amazing!! There were five home runs in it and four of them were hit by our team! But the crazy thing was that one kid from Luke's team hit three of them. Wow.
Tonight Luke and Mark have a basketball games and Mark is playing his game against his good friend's team. Thats gonna be interesting ;)
And the best part of all is that we're having, drumroll please...................... WE'RE HAVING PANCAKES FOR DINNER!!!!!!! lol ;)



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Haircut and Dentist

Hello everybody, sorry I haven't posted in a while, my mom is making me stick to posting three days a week :P Anyway, here's what's goin' on around here:
I got my haircut and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I'll post pics later :) And we went to the dentist yesterday. We go to this dentil school where the college students actually clean our teeth. Usually we get more experienced ones but this time I think we got second years and you could tell that they had almost no idea what they were doing, which wasn't comforting.


I'm Back, and yes, I was away ;)

My family went on vacation for he weekend. We went to my mom's aunts house and it was sssoooooo fun!!!!!! We hung out with our cousins and had a cookout. It was the best!!!!! How do you guys like my new blog design? I really like it but it seems too, um.................. quiet. I'm probably going to change it yet again. I do like experimenting with different looks! Do you guys have any suggestions? Let me know! :)


A Giveaway!!!

Eldarwen's having an awesome giveaway!! Click HERE to visit her blog and make sure you enter!! Happy 450th post Eldarwen! :]


Just to warn you,

You will be seeing a lot of design changes on this blog. I would appreciate it if you commented to tell me how you like the latest one! :)


I am going to get my haircut in a few days! I want layers, but since my hair is curly i'm not sure how it'll work out. I also want long side bangs, i just love them on my friends! Do you guys have any more suggestions on haircuts/hairstyles for girls with curly, shoulder length hair? :)


Just to let you know,

I didn't give up yet, just for today! :) Tomorrow you will see that plain old Minima template as i try to work my way around the HTML and the reason why it worked for my test blog and its not working for this blog!

Ummmm......not sure what to make of this.....

So I was successful in turning my test blog into a three column blog template and then I tried to do it to this blog and...........not too successful....:( I'll keep trying though! I will try not to torture you much longer by having you look at a plain white blog page! ;)

My Blog is Currently Under Construction.........Sorry :)

Yes, I know my blog at the moment is very boring to look at, but it will soon not be! Because today (hopefully) i am turning it into a true three column blog!


According to the poll.........

You guys want me to put up more stories of everyday life in my house and book reviews. Well I have a story for you right now:
Yesterday when I wasn't feeling too sick I helped my mom paint the upstairs hallway. We picked a really pretty light blue and i loved it. First we had to paint around the window and the door frames, just because the roller wouldn't be able to fit in the corners or right next to the door frame. So that was my job. After we finished my mom called Kate and Mark upstairs so they could do their part, which was actually paint the hallway. My job was done until the first coat dried and then back to "tracing the edges". It dried pretty quickly so we just repeated what we did the first time. When Kate and Mark were finally done I came upstairs to look. It was really pretty but there was something wrong.
I looked at Mummy (thats what we call our mom) and she said, "I really like it, but i think it's too........baby boyish." She was right. It was just not a fit color for the hallway. It was waaay too bright. I still liked it, but i had to agree with her. So today we're painting the hallway a different color. It's more grayish, but we already had a little conversation about how it might be a little too gray. Are we never going to find the right color?!? Oh well, i've always liked to paint. And whatever color we pick at least it'll be a fresh and new.
Have any of you guys had a paint disaster/problem?


An Update on life in my house:)

Hey guys, I haven't posted for a while, huh? Just thought I'd tell you what's goin' on around here:)
Everyone's enjoying summer and two nights ago we went to see the new "Karate Kid" at a drive in movie theater! It was so fun! I'll write a review about it later! It's probably one of my favorite movies.
I've been practicing rollerblading! I'm now good enough to make it down our rough slightly downhill driveway without a walker!;)
Also, (this is completely random) Luke's baseball team is #1 in the league so far! They've only lost one game!
And (this is also completely random) we have to go to the dentist at the end of the month D: I can't stand the dentist! But the worst part is, I think i might have a cavity :((((( I've never had one before and i want it to stay that way!!!
lol oh well :/ remember to go to Bleah's blog and follow!!!!


Yes, yes, another change :P

I know what your thinking, "Can't she keep her blog the same for one week?" well, this is a major change! (Actually not really, but i like to call it that :) I put up pages near the top, so feel free to check them out. I also simplified my other blog, "Find That Creative Spark". I hope you'll take a peek! :)))


Ok guys, desperate blogger here!

This morning I installed Photoshop on my moms computer. Ya know how I've been saying I want to get directions on how to change a two column template into a three column template? Well once I know my way around Photoshop i think I'll be able to make my own backgrounds for my blog. So again, if you or anyone you know have anything that could help me in this process, it would be a  HUGE help!
So if you have a three column blog and have the time, please please please email me the directions! :) in the meantime I'll be searching for not-so-difficult ways to change it. Hopefully I'll have a real three column template in a week or so! :D

Just a random (but real life) thing that I wrote

Here is something that I just randomly jotted down:

"I smell onion and get up from the floor, I had been lying there listening to the noise below and resting. The onion smell is good and it mixes faintly with potatoes. I don't like onion but I adore the smell of it frying. The breeze coming through the window is cool and light and makes the certificates on the closet door sway forward and back again.
Time for lunch.
The first bite of mushy potato and tasteless dough smothered in butter burns my mouth. I enjoy it anyway:)
Kate offers to get the milk out for me and when she brings it over to my place at the table I thank her and pour myself a glass.
The conversation wanders from one thing to another and soon everything that was put on my plate is gone. I set my plate and glass on the counter because the dishwasher is full. then I head back up to may room to finish writing this."

Yep, I wrote that. And I honestly was just laying on the floor for no reason :D
Thats how my mind works. I see an ant crawling up a tree branch and I try to make something graceful or poetic out of it. Like the breeze coming through the window. That's one of my favorite things to do. Make a simple but beautiful line out of anything at all.
lol no I'm not crazy, I'm just a writer.




I have a followers goal: My goal is to have gained at least ten followers by August 31 (the end of summer).
Lol just thought I'd say that! :D
Speaking of followers, help Bleah out! She wants to get 100 followers by June 21 (i think she is currently on 92, but I'm not positive.) Go over to her blog and FOLLOW!! :) Just click HERE!

Only three days a week?!?!

My mom is limiting me to blogging three days a week for the summer. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully i'll be able to slide one or two more days into that week ;D
So blogger friends, what have you been up to? Enjoying your summer? Off school yet? LOL so far it has been a pretty rainy summer :P but I'll look on the bright side...............................*taps chin*........................sorry, I got nuthin :D there isn't much of a bright side if rain clouds are covering the sun!


Shopping Day =]

We went shopping today!! Yay!! I love shopping and today we went shopping for one of my favorite things to shop for: SHIRTS!!! Since my favorite things to wear in the summer are tank tops i got a few really really cute ones! I also got two headbands, one a bright springy green and one a thick plaid fabric covered one with a peace sign on the side. I love everything! :) What's your favorite thing to shop for?


Happy Birthday Mark! :)

Some people are funny,
and good natured.
Mark is all of the above. Sure he's not good natured all the time, but who is? He's probably the most athletic in the family, (no offense Luke :) and he's the softest, warmest person in the world in the morning!
When you crawl into bed with him sometimes he'll say "Get ooouuut." in a scratchy, morning voice, but sometimes he'll snuggle up with you.
And there's no end to all the hilarious things he says! I could give you some examples, but it just wouldn't be as funny reading it. Maybe I should sneak a video camera on him sometime today ;)
Mark, you are
the cutest,
most athletic,
(this pic was taken two years ago)
and best eight year old brother i know!

Luv ya!!


A tag

The Golden Eagle tagged me!

Q. Why did you start your blog?

A. Because i love to write and I thought it would be cool to post about my life and make friends over the internet

Q. What are/were your objectives for your blog(s)?

A. To have a whole lot of followers!!!

Q. Who tagged you for this tag?

A. The Golden Eagle

Q. Do you love chocolate?

A. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!

Q. Have many blogs do you have? Do you post often? Are any private? 

A. I have three blogs and I'm contributing to one other. One blog is a test blog, another is my photo blog, this blog and I'm writing for a story blog. None of them are private and I try to post as often as I can!

Thanks Golden Eagle!
Now I tag:
Hannah @Aspire
Luci @Virtuous Girlhood


Summer to-do list

It is officially SUMMER!!!!!!! I can't believe it! School is over and it's time to kick back, relax and enjoy the heat, humidity and bug bites! lol thats not a very good way to describe summer is it? Well here's my summer to-do list:

1. Hold a giveaway on my blog
2. Get in touch with five blogger friends
3. Hold a lemonade stand with my friends
4. Run a 5k race in July
6. Ride my bike 6-7 times a week
7. Get better at rollerblading
8. Play street hockey on rollerblades
9. Play run-down as much as I can
10. Read a Bible verse every morning
11. Be able to ride the four wheeler down to the creek at our mountain house
12. Grill hotdogs at least twice
13. blog, blog and blog some more!

I think most of my readers will be happy with that last one! Have you made out your summer to-do list yet?
No?!? Get to it then! =)
Once again, if you know anything about switching a two column blog template into a three column blog template, please click HERE!

Can you believe it?!?

I skipped right over my fiftieth post! Wow! Just to let you know, this is post number sixty!!! Again, if you know anything about HTML and changing two columns into three columns, please click HERE!

Poll on my right sidebar

Hey guys! I have a request: Scroll down on my right sidebar and vote on the poll that asks "what do you think i should have more of on this blog?" thanks!
Also, if you know anything about HTML and changing a three two column blog into a three column blog, click HERE!

Three Columns

Yes, back to the old subject of three column blog templates *groans*. Now, I love my blog at the moment, but I would really love to be able to switch the HTML stuff, so anyone who knows anything at all about changing a two column blog into a three column blog through HTML, please comment!!!! Thanks!


Three Awards!

I've been awarded three times! This first one is from Bleah
I have to name my top ten favorite songs:

Cowboy take me away by The Dixie Chicks
I'm yours by Jason Mraz
I'm Alive by Kenny Chesney
Down the road by Kenny Chesney
Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
Chicken Fried by ZacBrown band
Highway twenty ride by ZacBrown band
Keg in the closet by Kenny Chesney
Baby girl by Sugarland
Good directions by Billy Curington

(These were not in order)

I give this to:

The second award is from The Golden Eagle


I award this to:
Tay (sorry I'm overloading you)

And here's the last award, it's also from Bleah:
I have to post a picture of myself in the morning before I do anything to myself, (hair, makeup, ect.)
so i'm using the same pic as I did last time:
lol :)
I award this to:

Almost done with school!

Guess what?!?! We only have one more day of school! YES!!!!!!!!! Not that I don't like school, but i mean, who doesn't like summer?