A random tag

I am very bored so I'm making up a tag :)

If you could be a color what which you be?

If you could be an art material what would you be?
Prismacolor colored pencil and the color would be: Violet, duh! :)

If you could be an animal what animal would you be?

If you could be a shape which shape would you be?
Heart <3

If you could be a sound what would you be?
The sound of a bird singing in the morning =)

If you could be a smell what would you be?
The smell of a spring morning after it rains :)

I tag:
The Golden Eagle

At Grandmas!

I'm posting this from my grandama's computer! We slept over at her house last night because my parents went to Chicago! I slept in my grandmas' bed and she slept in her roommates room and *sigh* her bed is sooooooo comfy!!
Since my grandma watches our cousins every weekday we get to play with them. They are so cute :) The younger one is 1 and every time i say "HEY!" in a funny voice, she imitates me and  says "Heeee!" it's adorable! 
My sister got a ukulele for her birthday and she won't go anywhere without it- so naturally she brought it here. Mark always wants to play it but doesn't know anything so she won't always let him which can aggravate him a bit........Hopefully everything will go smoothly lol! 


Photo Booth!

Who doesn't love photo booth?

And this is why I should never leave my camera lying around

Mark got his hands on my camera:

I think you get the point.

Happy Birthday Kate!!

You're the best sister ever! Sure we fight, (everyone does) but you're always there to talk to, to make me laugh and to cheer me up. Luv ya!  Hannah <3

P.S. You still owe me a lesson in wizardry!!



I got tagged by The Golden Eagle!
Here are five random things on one random topic:

1. Mashed potatoes are not worth eating without gravy 

2. I love LOVE pancakes! P:

3. I don't like cottage cheese :(

4. I'd rather have chocolate sauce than strawberry sauce

5. Cinnamon toast is AWESOME!!!!

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Wii Boxing

Wii boxing is addicting...
..to everyone!

Mark's Communion

 I'd like to say congratulations to Mark,
my youngest brother, the last one in my family to make his first holy communion!!!
You have received such a great gift Mark 
and I am so blessed to have a brother like you!
God Bless!



I got tagged by Bleah
I have to name five books that I would like to live in.
Here goes:

Anne of Green Gables
Living in Green Gables would be more than amazing!

Harry Potter
It would be so cool to go to Hogwarts!

The Uglies
I've always wondered what it would be like in the future lol!

The Penderwicks
Gardam street seems so friendly :)

On the Banks of Plum Creek
I can't even imagine what living in a dugout would be like, but that doesn't mean I don't want to try it!

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Bobbi Marie

Spring is Here At Last!!!!!

Here is one of the things that I love about spring:


Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter, I know I did!
My sister has been using her new wizarding skills lately:
She's getting better!
Sort of..........
On Holy Thursday my family went up to our cabin in the mountains again!
The stream where Kate is standing is made of fresh mountain water. It starts here:
Guess what?! We actually drink out of that!
I know what you're thinking, "EWWW!!"
but honestly it's the best water I've ever tasted.
I know, water isn't supposed to taste, but it is so fresh and clean that you can't help tasting it!
Wish I could send you some through the computer! lol!



As most of you know, I'm homeschooled. But today, I went to school for the first time since preschool! Today, I shadowed my awesome friend and had great time (mostly)! It was awesome to make some new friends.