Halloween and a prayer request

What are you being for Halloween? This is my last year going out to trick-or-treat and I'm being a bank robber :) Photos to come!
Also, please pray for my great-uncle, who passed away this morning. Everyone is pretty upset and needs would appreciate it if you kept them in your prayers.


P.S. I changed my design! What do you think?


Q&A: Ask me your questions!

Well, I put up a poll asking you guys if I should do a q&a post and everyone wanted me to, so ask away!
You can ask up to three questions and you have until November 3rd to get your questions in :)
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P.S. I will not answer any questions that seem too personal :)


Three random photos of three random foods :)

Chicken noodle soup!! I. Love. Soup.
Salad :)
Chicken-pot muffins........ my friend thinks their "so cute!" :)

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Fall Photos

Hey guys I took these photos a couple days ago and I just had to share them with you:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these flowers! What's your favorite thing about fall?

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Bad hair day for me :)

So, this is what I look like when I have a bad hair day:
Okay, maybe I made it a little more ratty than usual, but you get the idea :)
So when I have a bad hair day I have three options:

One 'o these crazy hickey doo-da's..........
A messy ponytail, or:
Attempt to brush it and stick it in a hat. I'll take number three!
Boy I love hats :)
What do you do when you have a bad hair day?
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Delicious Breakfast

What is better..............
than a warm.............
freshly baked biscuit for breakfast?
Not much is better than that :)
What's your favorite breakfast food?

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New signature!

Umm, yeah, third post, but I'm having some big design changes here! :) Again, if anyone wants me to design their blog, just comment and say so!
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Miscellaneous ramblings

I know, I know, two posts in one day but I feel kinda bad for not posting that often :)
Cutest dog in the world!!!

Fall is in the air! Mark and Kate are slightly obsessed with making piles of leaves and jumping in them, so the other day I was taking my camera around and snapping photos left and right so I decided to get behind the pile of leaves and, well, capture their cuteness :)

Kate is a garden fairy.......... sort of. We were walking around with a couple friends and came across  a vine that was just begging to be sat on! We weren't sure if it would hold but after karate-chopping it a couple times we decided that Kate, as the lightest person their, could take a seat.


I <3 making blog backgrounds! (By the way, I can makeover blogs now! Click HERE for more details!)

I love colored pencils!
What's your favorite art material?


Senior photos

Hello fellow bloggers! Recently I was given the honor of taking two of my neighbor's senior pictures so I thought I'd share a couple with you :)











Which one is your favorite?


Soccer Photos

 It was senior day and so all the seniors had to have their pictures taken about a billion times ;)
None of these have my watermark on them so no stealing :)
Up next: Senior photos!


Sorry guys!

I know I keep saying I'll post some photos but all my photos are on my mom's computer and my mom's computer happens to be at my dad's work so no photos for a day or so :((((((


An update on life :)

Hey blogger pals! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days! I went to my friend's sisters soccer game today and took about a billion pictures so I'll post those soon! And after church tomorrow I'm taking 2 of my neighbors out for a photo shoot for their senior pictures :D probably Kate and a couple friends will come along :) tons of photos to come!!



My design blog!!!

Hey guys! I switched my photo blog into a design blog!!! Yay! Go check it out! http://summersnowdesigns.blogspot.com
I hope you enjoy looking around! :)


Fall photos

This has officially become both my main blog and my photo blog and my former photo blog has become a design blog......... sorta :) Which is your favorite?