i'm hannah,
an ordinary teenager striving to do extraordinary things.
i live for art of all kinds.
i'm by no means a perfectionist,
and i'm pretty happy-go-lucky.
i play tennis and watch baseball (go bucs!).
i am the oldest of four,
my favorite word is "chum,"
and my thumbs are two different sizes.
i am an aspiring professional photographer (hashtag team nikon),
or videographer,
or artist.
special k is my favorite cereal (i eat it plain, no milk, sugar, or anything!),
but my dad makes some wicked good french toast that i could probably live off of.
i'd like to think i'm funny, but really i'm the quiet, observant girl
who's laughing at the actual funny people.
i'm the sort of person who's very appreciative of the littlest things,
like a quick long-distance phone call from a relative,
or a new sweatshirt,
or even just a really, really good pen (but let's get real, who doesn't love a good pen?).
i still write letters to people
and i'm pretty convinced i was born in the wrong century,
because i would love to live in "the dick van dyke show"
or "i love lucy."
heck, even "gilligan's island," i just don't know if i could go that long without a cheeseburger.
so if i wanted to nutshell all of what i just wrote,
i'd say i'm the artsy, happy, tennis-playing, sweatshirt-wearing, black-and-white-loving quiet girl,
who isn't so quiet once we start getting chummy.

so stick around, let's be chums.

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