what to wear?!? || for photographers

My first real photo shoot with a model is approaching, and I've been thinking about it a lot. Mostly my thoughts are questions:

What equipment should I bring?

Where should we go first?

What poses should I suggest?

What should I wear?

Yes. That last questions usually pops up if you're the model, but for me it's important. Being a photographer, I know what it's like to get down on the ground to get the shot, climb on top of things, and go through hot and cold weather. I need an outfit that'll hold up through all of these obstacles. And so do you!
Here are some ideas for outfits that us photographers need in different situations:

1. Weddings
Okay, weddings are tricky. You want to stay out of the way, but at the same time you need to be everywhere at once. You also need something you can move freely in...

Summer Wedding

You can't beat a sun dress! It'll keep you cool, stylish, and comfortable. As for flats, you can never go wrong with them if you have a pair that will be comfortable for you for a whole day :)

2. Family Sessions
Now you really have to be able to move! Especially if there are a bunch of little kids. You want to be able to look casual without looking, well, bummy.

Summer Family/Lifestyle Session

This outfit will give you the ability to run around and chase the kids, while still being able to look somewhat professional (in other words, not bummy ;).

3. Summer Engagement Session
I'm gonna be honest with you: I love engagement sessions. Why? Because the couples are calm, mature, and cute as anything. I've only done one, but I'm hoping and praying I get to do another one.

Summer Engagement Session

Like I said in the collage, if you have heels or wedges that you can walk (or run) in easily and comfortably, go ahead and wear them! Especially for engagement sessions, because couples are typically more patient than toddlers ;) Also, wear something that makes you relaxed. If you are relaxed and easy-going, the couple will be too.

4. Summer Model Sessions
In this collage, I'll show you what I really do plan on wearing:

Summer Model Session

I actually own that shirt, and capris similar to the ones pictured. I'm choosing to wear tennis shoes because we're shooting at a few different locations, and I want to be able to climb up on things and do whatever else I might have to do :)

I hope this little guide was helpful, I certainly enjoyed putting it together! If you'd like any other "photographer guides" I'll see what I can do :) Do you have any tips for photographers? I'll feature the best ones in my next "guide" post!



  1. Cute post! I like it. I'll have to show it to my photographer sister. :)

  2. So cute! I love the heels. <3 And yeah, I would feel more comfortable wearing heels at an engagement shoot...I'm only 5'2''. :)

    xoxo, bree

  3. Ok, I seriously love this post. So cute, and super helpful! :)

    ~ Abby


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