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A random post ^_^

Hello readers! Today I went over too my grandma's house with my two friends and all of my siblings (it was a half-day for my friends) and we took my cousins and my neighbor to the park down the street from my grandma's. Let me jut say, those three kids (two toddlers and one baby) are the cutest in three kids in the world. We had so much fun with them and of course, I brought my camera but I'm unable to post photos any of the cuties on my blog, same thing with my friends. :(
Anywho, it was a nice day and somehow the subject of caramel frappachinos from Starbucks came up at least four times so that would always lead us to moan and groan about how we wanted the delicious coffee milkshake :)
And also at the moment I'm in love with etsy. Isn't it just the best website ever?? All of these lovely handmade things from all around the world right in front of you! I have a gadget on my sidebar for my own etsy shop, *wink wink* though, its not very impressive. I'm trying to improve it though! :)
Do you have a etsy shop? If you do I would love to know!


Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I'm so sorry for leaving you guys in the dark for three whole days! Our computer was out of order for a few days due to my mom tipping over a water glass and some of it spilling on it :/ She said herself she was glad it was her and not one of us :)

Anyway, on to my first miscellany Monday!

{1.} New shoes.
Aren't they cute? The problem is that they squeeze my big toes a bit. (My mom picked them up at our local thrift store-they were brand new!)

{2.} Homemade perfume.
Yuck. Cinnamon in perfume doesn't work too well. (That was not my idea, it was Kate's!)

{3.} Fresh broccoli.
I love love LOVE broccoli but wasn't too enthusiastic about eating it home-grown after I almost ate a fried caterpillar. Too much information? :)

{4.} Sport pillowcases.
I don't know why but I really like them. :)

{5.} Apple cider.
Over the past three days this has become my favorite drink. My mouth waters when I think of it. Its just so refreshing! Comment if you agree :)


Starbucks frappachino (YUM!)

Do you know what this is?

Its my first caramel-coffee frappachino (I'm not sure how you spell it ;) from Starbucks. Actually its my first anything from Starbucks *looks sheepishly at feet*.
Talk about heavenly. It was so good! What's your favorite thing to get from Starbucks?


Yep, its still summer!

Fall is officially not here yet. The temperature is still 80 degrees or higher here and about 95% of the trees here are bright green!
I want fall! I want cool weather and red-gold leaves that crunch under my feet. I want old sweatshirts and jeans and hot chocolate! I want to have to sleep with my comforter at night instead of just my sheet.
I want to be able to walk outside and get chilly instead of staying inside because its blazing hot.
I want fall!


Lovely Photo Wednesday

I know I'm weird, but I really really like colorful spiral notebooks :)
Head over to Hannah's blog to see more awesome photos!

P.S. Don't you love my design? Its good for now but I can't wait for a blog makeover!


The BIG BIG NEWS!!: I got my camera! :D


NIKON D3100!!!!!!

Basically this post is going to be mostly photos:

 I didn't edit this photo at all except for my watermark :)


Here's the story of how I got the camera:
Every day I've been checking the local electronic stores to see if the D3100 was released yet. Every day was the same stinking message: Store Pickup: Coming Soon.
Yesterday was different. I went to the store website and checked out the camera page. It. Was. Released! I was so excited! So after church me and my mom and Mark headed out to Best Buy and picked it up!
I can't believe it! I'm so thankful for this HUGE blessing!


Very VERY quick post!!

TONS of photos to come! And some BIG BIG BIG news!!


Fix it Friday

Normally I would do this on my photo blog but I already posted on it today so I decided to do this weeks "fix-it friday" at iheart faces on this blog :)

Heres the original:

Here are my edits:



Which one of the edits is your favorite?


Some of my sketches

Once I scan some more sketched I'll post them but for now I only have two to show you:

Sorry the scans aren't too great.......... :/


Blogger's Block

Yes, I am suffering from "Blogger's block". I have nothing to post about. All I think about all day is when the Nikon D3100 is going to come out. And that I'm now thirteen. And when the Nikon D3100 is going to come out. And when the Nikon D3100 is going to come out. And when the Nikon D3100 is going to come out. hehe :)


Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hi Everyone,

Since Hannah has more readers than I do, I thought I'd hack in here and tell her how much we love her and link to a post I wrote about her on my blog.

Happy Birthday Hannah! We love you!

My Birthday Blessings

Hello dear readers! Today is an extra special day for me because..................... It's my birthday!
I am now a teen!
When I woke up this morning I didn't feel different. But I suppose the fact that I'm thirteen hasn't really sunk in yet. It always takes a while every year. :)

But just the fact that I've lived for thirteen years is a very emotional thought. Why emotional? Think about it:

You are here. And thats all there is too it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: Every breath that I take is a blessing. Every hug from a family member or a friend is a sacred thing. Every "I love you" said to me is something that will live forever in my heart.
And its emotional for me. Because God chose me to live when He could've chosen anyone. He chose my family to be safe on 9/11 when we could've been torn apart by that horrible tragedy.
And that is a huge blessing.

Think about it. And pray for the people who aren't as fortunate as you. I know I will be.


More birthday news to come...............


Blog banners and tennis

I love making blog headers! I enjoy it so much! I love experimenting with the little silhouette people and placing them all over the letters. I just think they're so cute! I will make a header for the first person to comment on this post for free. I can use an image or just a solid background. Anyway, I've been helping out with the local high school tennis team and its super fun!! I went to practices with them in the summer but now I'm not allowed to for some stupid rule. :)
But I'm allowed to go to the matches and ride on the bus with them so its still fun. Here are some photos:


Photo challenge

I'm entering the "In A Yellow House" photo challenge. The theme is on the water

I love this photo!


Mountain fun

This past weekend has been amazingly awesome. But the main reason why I'm posting is to show you some photos I took of my friend. I will not be revealing her name here but she is one of my two friends that we took up to our mountain house.

Aren't they fabulous? I love the last one! And I swear, none of them are posed! Unbelievable right?
And isn't her outfit just perfect? It just screams "take me out for a photo shoot in the country!" ^_^
On Sunday we had four neighboring families up to the house for a day of food, friends and fun.

There was a big softball game in the field and then ultimate frisbee! It was one of the funnest weekends ever!
What did you do for Labor day weekend?


Just a quick update!

I will not be posting again until Monday. Just thought I'd let you know! Lot's of photos to come!


I made a header for my mom's blog!

And I tried several different designs before I got it right! Here is the old one:

Here is the first one that I tried to make:

 I made the tree from a picture of an apple tree in our yard. Any way, the second one:

Again, the tree :) ^ Here's the third: 

Notice the kids running around the tree ^_^ I'm gettin' closer to the finished design! Fourth: 

Since my mom's blog title is "Being Home", she wanted a house in the design. That's a silhouette of our house. When I showed her the design above she loved it, but wanted the tree and running children, so:

I mashed it together! And there's the finished product! Visit my mom's blog by clicking the final banner!
Which one is your favorite and what do you think of the finished product?