mark || birthday portraits

Ah, Mark. Let me just rave for a second:
This kid never fails to put a smile on my face. He is hilarious. And so.... nice, just all around kind-hearted. I honestly can't believe he's ten-well, almost ten. His birthday is tomorrow. He's grown up so fast!

When I said to him yesterday that I wanted to get some end-of-being-nine/beginning-of-being-ten shots, he just shrugged. I guess ten-year-old boys think they're too cool to have a camera stuck in their faces by their sisters. But today when I said "Mark, let's go, photo shoot time." he didn't argue. At first he wasn't looking forward to it. I mean, how could sitting around and smiling be fun? BUT, since I am an *cough cough* amazing big sister, I got creative.
The first thing I told him to do?

almost-done-with-shoot reward ;)

I was seriously amazed at how... smart he was in front of the camera. He thought of all his poses himself and was super cooperative.
Thanks for being one of my best models Mark, happy birthday! I love you!
Which photo is your favorite?

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  1. Ah, these are amazing Hannah :) awesome job! :D

  2. Happy birthday! I think I like the close-ups best.

  3. these are great! I love this one :) little brothers make the best photo subjects, don't they?
    happy birthday, mark! :)

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  5. I like the photo that shows Mark on the tree :)



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