miscellaneous ramblings

Okay, this shop has some the sweetest artwork I've ever seen! Here's one of my favorite prints:

Love - Print of a watercolor painting

Is it too cute or what?

2. 96

96. That's the number of followers you will see in my sidebar. Seriously, you guys are amazing, let's try to make it to 100 and we might have a little giveaway to celebrate a) the beginning of of summer b) 100 followers and c) because your awesome ;)

3. watermelon

I forgot how much I loved this fruit until about a week ago when we got the first one of the year. So. delish ;)

4. sitting on curbs...

and eating ice cream! How perfect is that?

5. sickness

Our house has been a sick house for the past week+. Right now I have a cough, Luke and Kate have upset stomachs and Mark is the only healthy one. My cough isn't too bad, its just annoying :P
Hopefully we'll get better soon!



the freedom of heat


Just saying the word makes me think of sidewalk chalk, sunscreen and wiffle-ball games in the backyard.

But summer also means freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want. No more worrying about math tests and science lessons, all you have to worry about during summer is staying cool and having fun. But, I've got to admit, I am going to keep up with math ;)

Here are a few photos I took on the last day of school:

summer sun. life is good.



summer love

freshly cut and sugared strawberries...

 plus a baseball game...

plus an adorable dog...

plus this cute kid...

plus  ice cream to celebrate the last day of school...

equals love.

are you done with school yet?

p.s. I completely switched up the blog design, the previous one was much too busy. I like this simple one better. What do you think?


when angels go bowling

Silence. Flash. Crash. Rumble. Boom. Crackle.

I sit in bed, listening to the sounds of the storm roaring outside my bedroom window. My heart flutters in my chest. I hear the thunder rolling through the sky and cringe. Too loud. Too big. Too startling.
Another flash.
"It's gonna be a big one." I say to my sister. I was right. And then the rain came, splattering down onto the pavement, into the grass, turning it into mud.

Small "rivers" slide down the street, glowing from the streetlights.
Plinks inside our chimney. Patters on the windowsill. Splats on the roof.

Voices across the street. Shrieks, laughter. Car doors are slamming, feet are pounding the sidewalk. I glance out my rain spattered window and see a car pull away from the neighbors house and the big green front door of the beautiful stone house close.
I think of everyone who is driving in this storm and I close my eyes and am thankful that I'm inside and safe.

The wind picks up, creaking our old yellow farm house. I see my window blind dance a little from the draft coming through our window. I feel the cool stormy air on my toes. I look outside again.
The sidewalks are covered with puddles-no, pools-of water.
I sigh. No double dutch tomorrow.

I look into the sky. An airplane blinks through the otherwise empty, black sky. There's something past that blackness though, and I know it. Somewhere up there, angels are laughing, eating popcorn and sipping sodas. They're renting shoes that fit perfectly and carrying balls that weigh nothing.
They're looking down smooth, gleaming wooden lanes to white pins standing, waiting to be toppled over.
They take their deliciously perfect balls and bring their arms back, softly brushing them against their snow-white wings. And they're bringing their arms forward, watching the ball drift towards the pins gracefully.
And they rejoice every time the pins topple over, sending thundering cheers down to earth.


extra! extra! the new design is up!

Thats right! It's up! And personally, I'm loving it, but I'd like to hear your opinion :) I also put up this other design earlier, but I like this one much better! Here's the other design:

I do like the floating header  in the one above though... maybe I'll put one in this design. Thoughts?
*Update*: I did end up making a new floating header for this design and I really like it, its really..... spunky ;) Whaddya think?
*Second update* I switched back to the original header, its a little more toned down and bring the attention more to the content of the blog.



miscellaneous ramblings

1. photography
I'm living in a photography dreamland right now. Family, friends and neighbors are spreading the news that I am a photographer and I do sessions for nothing and/or very cheap. Tomorrow I have a job at a diner that some neighbors own to take photos of food for the menus, walls, advertisements, etc., and Sunday I'm taking photos of the prom girls. So. Excited!
Aaaannnd a family friend has asked me to take their family photo! Seriously, I feel like a professional ;)


2. these girls

They're too cute :)

3. blog design
okay, so I have two awesome designs that I'm ready to install, and I say two because I made two and debating on which one to do. Another thing is, when? Should I wait ten days till June 1st and then install it or do it right away? Vote on the poll on the sidebar!

4. march, april and may showers bring may flowers
Yeah. I said March, April and May. I am so sick of rain. I am sick of soggy ground. I am sick of not being able to go outside and play rundown, double dutch and whatever else I enjoy doing in the sunshine.
The only good in rain is, well, dewdrops on flowers ;)

5. I'm running out of ramblings...
So I'm signing off for now! See ya!



a little bit o' me

So yeah, I don't usually pose for the camera for two reasons:

1. I don't find myself photogenic and

2. I'm not all that comfortable in front of the camera

Those are two pretty pathetic reasons because I can learn to jump both of those hurdles, but still, I don't pose that often. Well, the other day I decided to get over my in-front-of-camera-phobia, and smiled for the lens.

^^^favorite photo of the shoot^^^

shirt  : JCPenny // cami : wet seal // jeans : aeropostale // peace sign bracelet : aeropostale // peace necklace : borrowed from my sister // other necklace : homemade

Whadya think? Photo credit goes to my sister. I've gotta teach her a few things, but in my opinion she turned out pretty good!



rainy days pt II

rain. Thats pretty much all I see when I look out the window. Forget about photo shoots, my models don't want to get wet. And I believe I've taken enough dewdrop photos to fill a museum...

And I'm still taking them!
But, if you use rain the right way, you could take advantage of it, for instance...
You could do a little of this^^^
you could look at inspirational photos on weheartit.

Whatever you want to do. As for me, I'd like to do a little o' both ;)




today I wanted to go on a photo shoot. so far it hasn't happened.

today I wanted to dress in bohemian clothes. because I love them.

today I stared out the window and wondered why oh why the sun wouldn't come out. It's still raining.

today I wanted to make headbands. I'm going to after this post.

today I glanced at some red flowers across the street. it made my whole day brighter.

today I did math. it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

today I felt like being in front of the camera for once, instead of behind it. maybe a photo shoot later.

today I felt like writing a post about today. mission accomplished ;)

 what did you do today?



a purple haze

That's what I thought of when I saw these photos uploading to our computer. They made me drift away into a land of clouds and fairies. And the bokeh just about made me die of happiness. Tell me, what is the first word you think of when you see these photos?

I think this one is my favorite!
Also, sorry for the weird menu bar, I'm messing around with html, so bear with me until everythings fixed up!



the wonders of dewdrops

(I'm finally publishing this post for real. With all the junk that went on with Blogger, it showed up on everyones dashboard but wasn't really there. Anywho, here it is!)

Is it just me, or are tulips sprinkled with dew one of the most wonderful things in the world?

Actually, anything that had dew on it is gorgeous...

Don't you think dewdrops are so whimsical? Which photo is your favorite?



spanning out

Spanning out as in my photography business. And clothes. We went shopping today and I came back with something other than brown and blue. In fact, I got three things with the color pink in it. Aaannd a tank top that was apple green and white stripes!

Yea Hannah!

 Yesterday I drove with my uncle to take photos for the business he works for. It was pretty successful, and though I won't post the actual business photos, I will post photos of lunch:

my uncle's lunch
my lunch. the fries were amazing, but, then again, so was everything else!
but seriously, the fries were amazing ;)
And this is what was left on my plate:

And let's not forget the awesome rasberry iced tea...
And I almost forgot to mention that all of this was home-cooked. We went to a diner :)

What is your very favorite thing to eat out?



just because I love them...

And because I love photography. And because I don't have anything else to post...

Are they cute or what?