how I wish I was a redhead

We all have those crazy moments where we think, "why can't I be blonde?" or "why can't I be a brunette?" Raise your hand if you've wanted to be a natural born redhead..... yep. We've all wanted it at one point in our lives. Here's some redhead loves from me to you ;)

Source: tumblr.com via Emma on Pinterest

Source: bing.com via Julie on Pinterest

And that last picture? Please, before you do anything else today, watch this video. If you haven't heard this song or seen this video, you obviously don't know what amazing is. Uh.Maz.Ing. The end.

Have you had hair wishes lately?


  1. I wishh I could be auburn!! or like Cat from Victorious!!


  2. i'm actually pretty happy with my hair color right now. it's a really dark brown, and i get a lot of people complimenting me. ;) it's also ridiculously stupid- as in it can't decide if it's curly or staight... so it's wild and NEVER looks nice. ha.

  3. Ha- I've thought the same thing before ;) But my hair has reddish tints in it and goes a really pretty golden colour in the summer, so I think I'm good with what I have! ;)

  4. i was about to say, this post isn't officially a post if alison sudol isn't in it. so yay, i love you.

  5. I love red!! It's so pretty. I love, love the third pic, her hair is pretty (plus the style is pretty awesome).
    I've always been a little Anne Shirley about red hair (especially on guys), but really, it is a beautiful color for hair. ;)

  6. emma stone makes being a red head just perfect!!! now if only i could pull off this look. adore!
    xo TJ


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