pretty in pink // a product review+tutorial

Wet n Wild's Color Icon Blusher in Pearlescent Pink has been one of my favorite blushes for a long time. I know I mentioned it a while back in one of my ancient "favorites" posts.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher in 831E Pearlescent Pink.
Comes with 0.14 oz. Retails for $2.99 
As you can see, it has a nice peachy-pink color. The texture of this blush is smooth and rich, one of my all-time favorite powder blush textures. It doesn't have a whole lot of fallout and is best applied with a fluffy blush brush. But BE CAREFUL! This is one of the most pigmented blushes out there, if you are too generous while applying you will probably end up looking like you got an odd sunburn.
I really like the finish of this blush, because it's mostly matte, but has the slightest sheen to it. If applied correctly, it looks pretty natural.
The staying power of this varies. If I decide to wear a liquid foundation, it stays longer on top of that than my powder foundation. However, I get a solid 7 hours out of either, and after that it just depends.

Now, I have a tutorial. This tutorial includes my new favorite way to wear "Pearlescent Pink": on my eyes!

>>Chocolate-Covered Strawberries-A Tutorial<<

 Step 1: Prime prime prime your lids!

 Step 2: Sweep a matte cream shadow all over your lid.
Step 3: Apply a satiny pink into your crease. I (of course) used Pearlescent Pink :)

Step 4: smudge a brown pencil eyeliner into your top lashline

 Step 5: Blend out the eyeliner with a brown shadow. This gives a slight smoke-y effect

Step 6: Blend a slightly deeper pink into your outer crease

Step 7: Liner your waterline with brown eyeliner

Step 8: Apply dark brown liquid liner, winging it out

Step 9: Apply several coats of mascara

Step 10: Apply a highlight to your inner corner and you're done with the eyes!

Step 11: Go through your usual foundation routine and then sweep the same pink shade you used in your crease to your cheeks. Finish off with a tinted balm or lipstain.

Allllllll donee!



kate in the fall // portraits

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10 on 10 // October

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peace in autumn

I forget what fall really feels like. Every year, I am astounded by the pure beauty, the pure chill, and the pure....... wonderful-ness of fall. Everything about it seems cozy. The warm colors, the oversize sweatshirts, the multiple cups of tea or coffee, and so so much more. I don't know about you, but autumn is my favorite.

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my foundation routine // featuring lorac

No, I don't use foundation everyday. In fact, it's more of a 2-3 days a week kind of thing. The reason for this, is this: I like my skin. My skin isn't extremely oily or dry, I don't have mush redness, and I don't break out often (knock on wood!). However, when I am having one of those days where I feel like giving my skin a boost, I've been L-O-V-I-N-G the Lorac Natural Performance Foundation.
A few weeks ago, Lorac sent me a small package that included this foundation and a gel eyeliner (post about that coming sooon!). I had to pick out my foundation shade online, so I was kind of nervous about how it would match my skin. Let me tell you: this. stuff. matches. perfectly.
PERFECTLY! Waaayy better than the couple of other foundations I actually picked out in person. I'm in the color "Porcelain".

This foundation retails for $36.00 for 1.0 fluid oz. It comes in 10 shades and has sleek and durable packaging. You twist the top for the pump to come out, and I LOVE that about it because I don't have to deal with messy caps and I can control how much product comes out. Plus, this foundation has no scent whatsoever. YAY!
The texture/consistency of his product is smooth and creamy-not super thin, but still not super thick. It blends incredibly well, and I found that it applies the easiest when I use my fingers for the general blending, but then use a brush to really blend out the edges.

The coverage is definitely build-able, but overall I'd say it's light to medium. If you have a pimple you can definitely dab a little extra on it and blend it in to cover it a bit more. The finish of it is, well, natural. It blends so well with my skin tone and texture you can hardly tell I'm wearing any face makeup at all. For me, it lasts a full day without primer, but for someone who has oily skin it might be different.
Here is my current foundation routine so you can see where I use it and how it looks:

This is before I applied the foundation. As you can see, my skin is pretty clear. A little pimple here and there, and some redness around my nose, but other than that it's fine. ALSO: I found that when I started using this foundation, my naturally just started to look healthier. Don't ask me why, maybe it's the ingredients (which you can see on the website here) but something about it brightened up my complexion even when I didn't have makeup on.

All I do is pump a little squirt onto the back of my hand and take a finger and dab it all around the center of my face. This shade is so perfect for me that even when I don't apply it everywhere there's not an awkward foundation line. I just put it where I think I need it.

Here it is all blended out (I'm saying "blend" a lot in this post!). As you can see, it has a natural finish. I could leave it like this, but I like setting it with wet n wild's Natural Blend Pressed Powder. I think it helps it stay in place longer and matte-ifys it a bit more.

Done! In my opinion, this foundation absolutely excellent. It has a lovely texture, nice coverage, and wonderful finish. 5 out of 5 stars!

In other makeup news, I made an exciting purchase yesterday:

I bought my first ever M.A.C. product! As you can see, I purchased "All That Glitters" eyeshadow. Ermehgerrrddd! I LOVE it! Today, I'm wearing it all over my lid with the color below by Lorac in my crease.

Loracs Natural Performance Foundation in Porcelain
Wet n Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder
Rimmel Lasting Finish blush in Pink Sorbet

UD Primer Potion
MACs All That Glitters
Taupe shade from Loracs Pro Palette
Jordana Fabuliner in black
Wet n Wild liner in white
Covergirl LashBlast Fusion mascara

Wet n Wilds Lip Color Pencil in Peach Fuzz
Wet n Wilds Mega Last lip color in Sandstorm

And that folks, is my face of the day. Tell me, what's your ultimate favorite foundation. I'd love to give it a try!