I'm Sponsoring a Giveaway!

Yep, that's right! I got an email yesterday saying some very flattering things about my photography on etsy and asking if I could sponsor a giveaway! Here's the thing:
The girl is having the giveaway when she reaches 100 followers. She has 76 now, I think and I'm posting this to help her out. Go follow Kendra! Just click HERE!!
And here are some photos:

Just a random assortment of photos. The second to last one is in my etsy shop. I am still pretty obsessed with etsy. I haven't purchased anything yet but I do have some extra money lying around (literally lying around. I had an extra $40 dollars from a couple babysitting adventures and *cough cough* now I uh, *cough* can't find it. :))
Also, do't forget to enter my blog design giveaway!



Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!

Hey guys! I know this is kinda late, but happy Thanksgiving! My family had a great day, just hanging out and on Wednesday we had "Spaghetti Wednesday", a time where my mom's side of the family gets together at our house for a night of spaghetti, pumpkin pie and fun. I will post photos later!
What did you do on Thanksgiving?



The Big 5-0!

What can I say? You guys have been awesome and it makes me feel so good that I now have 50 followers!! I can't even believe it! So, to celebrate Thanksgiving and reaching 50 followers,  I'm hosting a little giveaway! The winner of the giveaway will receive a blog makeover by Summer Snow Designs! The winner will be picked from random.org. Here are the rules to enter this giveaway:

1. Comment and say what your favorite part about my blog is=1 entry

2. Post about this giveaway on your blog=1 entry

3. Take my blog button and put it on your blog (if you already have that counts!)= 1 entry

4. Put the giveaway button on your blog=1 entry

5. Follow Summer Snow Designs=1 entry

Each entry must be in a separate comment!!! The winners will be announced on December 10th. So ready, set, start entering!



It's Installed!

Yep, the winter design is installed! I'm so excited, I like it so much better than the previous design! Do you like it?

Etsy Frenzy

Hello friends! Wow, it feels like I haven't posted in forever! :] As you can see by the title I am a bit obsessed with etsy. I have been taking photos, editing them and listing them in my etsy shop. My shop has a bit of a twist to it though. To go to my etsy shop, click here.
Here are some of the photos in my etsy shop:

Here is one I'm planning to put in my shop:
Which one is your favorite?

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P.S. None of these have my watermark on them so NO STEALING!!! :]
Also, you know the sneak peak for the new design I'm planning to put up? Well the design might change......... Again ;]


Macro Friday

Hey guys! This week I'm doing Macro Friday for the first time! Yea! :)
Here's my photo:
That blurry whit thing in the background is Mark trying to take a picture of me with my mom's camera. :]

Enter your best macro photos in this week's macro Friday!
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Nature Photography

Today I had a hankering to go out and take some nature shots. It was really cold but I'm really glad I went out!

and then, she {snapped}

Did I mention that none of these are edited except for the rounded corners and my watermark? And they are all taken in manual :) I'm pretty proud of myself for that ;]

I really like this one!^

This one was edited a tad. I just boosted the color a bit.
This one was also edited. I boosted the color and added some texture
I have no idea why, but I love the photos above and below. Yes, they are gray and dull but I like them :]

Kate's a big fan of climbing our apple tree and was willing to glance at the camera for a moment.

Which photo is your favorite?

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Its killing me!

Hey guys! I am absolutely dying to install the new design but I promised that I wouldn't until the day after  Thanksgiving :P Anywho, I thought you might like a preview of the design:

Seriously, I love it! I hope you guys do to!
And here is a random thing I did in Photoshop:
I call it "Peephole" :)

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Photoshop Drawings

Remember the post I did on my drawings a few days ago? Well, the other day I was messing around in Photoshop and this is what came of it:

I love doing this! It's so fun :] Which one is your favorite?

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Dramatic Lighting

Don't you just love dramatic lighting in photos?
I love this photo! But I think I like the edit even more..............
Which do you like better?

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Drawings of faces

Since I couldn't think of anything else to post today I decided to show you some faces that I've drawn :]
This is for any "Glee" music fans! I adore Glee but don't watch it very often as it's, uh, *cough* not very appropriate. But the episodes that I've seen I love and the songs are awesome!
My poor attempt at Carrie Underwood. I didn't have much time to draw this :]
Yeah, uh, this started out to be Selena Gomez but after I found out that it wasn't going to end up like her at all I just sorta went crazy ;]

These are just models from a hair magazine.
And I've saved the most unique one for last.................
Supposed to be Demi Lavato but the mouth got kinda messed up. I used nothing but markers for this picture and I can't tell you how much criticism I've gotten on it. How many "no offenses" said behind my back to Kate. My friends, my cousins, all of them have said, "wow, thats scary" to Kate. I don't get offended very easily though, and Kate has stuck up for me, saying, "could you do better?" man I love that gal! And I won't be offended if you don't like it or think it's scary, but I just love it. I think it's creative and different and.............. original ;]

Till next time!

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