peace is held with rain

Pounding and pattering as the slick drops hit the window and slither down the glass. The sound is calming, and I embrace it.

A land of sloshy mud after the downpour.

Puddles deep enough to soak your feet.
The world is quiet, holding it's breath.
Until the greedy soil drinks in the raindrops, leaving only the smell of refreshed nature.
Calm was the world when the slick drops fell. Peaceful. Silent. Content.
Content with watching the sky break free.

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guess what?

I made another blog. Yep. I finally did it! And, as you may have already guessed, it is completely dedicated to fashion and makeup (99.99% drugstore makeup!!).

I already have a couple posts up and plan on getting some more up soon, so go on over and check it out :)

And don't worry, I'll still be posting makeup stuff on here, just less often! So here come the photography posts. Oh yeah, get excited ;)

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product review+giveaway: Sand and Starfish

Okay first off, let me say how adorable everything is in Stephanie's shop. I love it all :)
But let's move on:

When Stephanie generously sent me one of her products to review I was extremely excited. When I opened the package, this is what I saw:
Vintage Ruffle Clutch - Pretty Pink

This is the Vintage Ruffle Clutch in Pretty Pink. Wowza! So. cute. Here's what the listing description says:

Quite the catch! 
If the vintage fabric isn't cute enough, the ruffles sure are!

This clutch is the perfect size to hold the necessities with room to hold a little more! 
Also has a single pocket on the inside to hold something more near and dear, i.e. your cell phone! 

Clutch has reinforced stitching throughout and is sewn with heavyweight fusable interfacing for added support.

Measures approximately:
6.75 inches deep 
10 inches wide

Here are my opinions:

This product is fabulous for just about anything, but for the past week I've been using it to tote around my makeup at school. It's really convenient because it has a little pouch inside so you can sort certain things.

This can be used as a pencil case, toiletry bag, makeup bag, or anything else that you can think of!

The quality of this is amazing. After 6-7 days of being tossed, dropped, bumped, crushed, stepped on, sat on, squashed, squished, and other unpleasant things, it is still in perfect condition, both on the inside and out. (Okay, maybe it didn't endure all those things, but it definitely was squished and squashed a couple times ;])

This is larger than a regular clutch, so you may have trouble fitting it in you backpack/school bag, but it fits fine in mine, so you shouldn't have too much trouble with it. I actually find the size very handy, because you can even squeeze a pair of flats inside!

Vintage Ruffle Clutch - Pretty Pink

Guess what? One of YOU will win a vintage ruffle clutch of you choice!

Vintage Ruffle Clutch - Poppy

Vintage Ruffle Clutch - Mod Orange

Vintage Ruffle Clutch - Mod Blue

Exciting right? Right! But first, let's get to know the wonderful Stephanie:

When did you first begin crafting?
As long as I can remember, I've been crafting. As a little girl I would take nail polish and paint wooden letters, or make garlands, or save the SOBE bottle caps and glue them around the edge of my mirror. But it wasn't until we moved into our house that I finally was able to put my creative crafty mind juices to work and I directed them more towards making our house feel like our home. 

What is your favorite thing to make?
Such a tough question... I don't consider myself a pro by any means in the sewing world but I really love making my vintage ruffle bags. I use my pink one practically every day and I still feel as giddy and excited about it as I did the first time I threw it over my shoulder. I dyed the vintage sheet pink, and that was a first for me. I've never dyed anything! But the color that it came out as was the exact shade of pink I wanted and it took my heart away!

What are some of your other hobbies?
I love spending time in my flower and vegetable gardens. Seeing something grow and blossom into this beautiful flower or delicious vegetable makes me so excited! I love scattering bouquets around the house. Beauty everywhere! I'm also a huge fan of the beach. I can go and lay out for hours and hours and just listen to music or dream up new things to make. Taking the kayak out for a bit around the pier is always fun too. Seeing schools of fish swimming right under me, pelicans floating 10 feet away, dolphins out further... it is never something that I take for granted. There's beauty in life all around us and I love being able to really enjoy it all. 

Thank you so much Stephanie! Okay, so here's how you can win:

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That's it people! You've heard me rave about this product, so you know it must be pretty dang amazing!
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a whole bunch of random

I've been a pretty downright horrible blogger guys. Just really really bad. But anywho, there is a reason, not a good reason, but still a reason:

I have been a busy busy bee and haven't had time to take/edit/post photos or anything else.
Also, apparently the fami;y's computer isn't working right so I couldn't edit photos even if I wanted to :'(

But I wouldn't leave you guys without something to look at, so here are some photos I found via Pinterest:
Pinned Image
Yeah, obviously that one is first ;) I am definitely unhealthily obsessed...
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Is that clip not gorgeous?

soooo, i hope you enjoyed this completely random and pointless post :) All photos are from pinterest, I do not own any of them. Just click on each one to go to the site.

p.s. I've been thinking about making a makeup collection video, or even a video tutorial. Whaddya think?


makeup tutorial: wearable everyday smoky eye

This is one of my favorite looks to wear on an everyday basis. Okay, I don't necessarily wear one makeup look two days in a row, but if I'm stumped, I go for something like this.
Let's get into it...

Everyday Smoky Eye
Products used:

step 1: prime your lids

step 2: apply a light base eyeshadow. I'm using the lightest shade from the Maybelline quad.

step 3: pat a light brown shade all over your lid.

 step 4: sweep a lightish-medium-greenish-brown in your crease. (I'm not great at explaining colors ;])

step 5: put a dark green-charcoal color in your outer corner and bring it in and smudge it on the outer half of your lower lashline.

step 6: apply a black gel liner onto your upper lashline. Make the line slightly thicker towards the outer corner of your eye. Add a wing if you want some extra flare!

step 7: Line your waterline with a black liner, and if you want to you can smudge some into your lower lashes for a little extra dimension and drama. (yes, I know this is supposed to be a wearable everyday look, but honestly, little touches like this will make your eyes pop)

step 8: apply a coat or two of mascara…


Hope you guys enjoyed this and will find it useful! If you have any questions, requests, suggestions, or if you'd like to see a review of any products I've used, leave a comment or email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!



quick outfit post+etsy update

tank top: old navy // shirt: american eagle // jeans: american eagle // slippers: costco // necklace: claires // bracelets: handmade by me

don't holidays call for simple makeup, comfy slippers, and over-size plaid shirts? Yeah, I think so ;)

And I've added a few new items to my etsy shop!

I'm now selling hand-crocheted cowls, and some other items are soon-to-be-added! Check them out here!

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GIVEAWAY: Rouge and Whimsy

Hellooooo my lover-ly readers! I have for you today a chance to win something beautiful from one of my favorite etsy shops ev-ah.

sale plum pink flower hair clip with vintage brooch center ooak
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orange sleeping beauty eye mask with green flannel

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fabric button earrings in aquamarine turquoise

purchase here

It is Rouge and Whimsy, and I was so extremely excited when Erika said she could donate something for you guys.
Let's get to know Erika a little better, shall we...

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 
I'm Erika-- a twenty-something creative lady living in Seattle with my husband and crazy little doggie. My blog is a place where I document my love of vintage, DIY, fashion and little bits of my life. I also have a little accessories shop where I sell hair accessories, button earrings and pretty pillows.
When did you first get interested in crafting and creating? 
I have always loved creating things. Growing up I preferred to make clothes for my Barbie rather than play with her. My mom taught me to sew at a young age and I probably inherited my love for handmade from her.

What is your favorite thing to make?
I don't know if I have a favorite thing-- but I love learning how to make new things and feeling the success of making a new thing well.

What other hobbies do you have?
I love working on decorating my little home, hunting down treasures at thrift shops, and spending time with my family and friends. I also really love to cook and try out new recipes.

Thanks so much for everything Erika, I really appreciate it :)
So, would you guys like to see what you'll be entering to win? Yeah, I thought so...

nude satin flower headband
The gorgeous nude satin flower headband. How. pretty. is. this?

I'm so incredibly jealous that I can't enter to win this :)
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Happy entering friends!



awkward moments to be shared+some photos

It's been a good week, and I thought I'd share a few awkward+not-so-awkward highlights with you:

1. Situation: at home, dishing ice cream for siblings.

Luke: C'mon, dish me a little more...
me: fine, give me the bowl.
Luke: Thanks, you da man.
me: I know, right?

umm.... what's wrong with this conversation?

2. Situation: In the lunch line at school.

My friend Emily: what are you getting?
me: I think the spicy chicken sandwich.
Emily: Is it even spicy?
me: I asked Vanessa and she said it's not too bad...

Five minutes later....

me and emily: IT BURNS!! IT BURNS!!

3. Situation: in math class, about 2 seconds after learning a lesson.

My teacher: so that's..... Kaylee?
Kaylee: ZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz
My teacher: *writing on the smartboard*: on three yell her name...
Everybody: KAAYYLEEEE!!!
Kaylee: AAUUGGH!

4. Situation: on the bus with my friends

me: Okay guys, who wants to hear a joke?
Friends: Sure, go 'head.
me: So, a blonde and santa clause are on a bridge, about to jump off–
Mallory: How high is the bridge?
me: I don't know, 15 feet. So they're about–
Zac: What's under the bridge?
me: water. They're about to–
Kiera: How deep is the water?
me: REALLY? Ok, 20 feet. So they're about to jump off. Which one–aaauuugghghh!
Mallory: What?
me: I messed up the joke.
Friends: *laughing in my face* ;)

Ok, so most of those were awkward, but I thought you guys might enjoy them :)

p.s. I have a surprise for you guys coming tomorrow!


black and white photo shoot pt 1

Part 2 coming soon!
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