Believe it or not,
there were real wizards in our yard yesterday!

I know, it's amazing!! lol!
They chose my sister to fly with them!
First flight!
Gettin' the hang of it!
We thought that once we said goodbye to the wizards, they would leave, but oh no!
It's kind of frightening to see wizards coming through your walls :)
But they did it a few times and let me take a few pics :D
Then when they were done cooperating they started zooming around the room!
When they finally left, we didn't really think that they came, but then, how do you explain the pictures? :D


I Have Returned!!!

So I'm finally back,
and I have a lot to tell!
About two weeks ago my family went to our mountain house.
It was so so so beautiful up there! 
I took like, a gazillion pictures and had a very hard time choosing which one to put into this post :)

The snow was melting which meant that there were those little rivers on the side of the paths and I just had to stop and look at every one!

When it was time to leave, we were hoping to be able to sled down the driveway but weren't getting the hang of it, so Luke decided he would give rides on his sled:

We had a blast!


Umm o.k. so I haven't posted in a few days.
I do have something to post about though!
My youngest brother Mark has just gotten his first 
Your growing up too fast Mark!
Congrats and God bless!



I am about to make an important announcement:

I HATE SNOW!!!!!!!!

Thank you,
have a very nice day!



Ok, this is my first attempt to tag so go easy on me! :)

List five of your favorite exotic animals:
panda (ummm is that exotic?)
wild tiger

List three places you love to go:
amusement parks!!!
the beach

List three of your least favorite colors:
Dark orange
light orange

List three of your favorite foods:
pancakes (yum!!)
chocolate cake (yum!!)
strawberries (yum!!)

List your favorite and least favorite seasons:
Favorite: summer!!
Least favorite: winter :(((

List three hobbies:
1. knitting
2. crocheting
3. drawing

List your favorite kind of shoe:
Ummm..... maybe crocs :)

List your top five favorite songs in order:
1. I'm Alive by Kenny Chesney
2. Chicken Fried by Zacbrownband
3. Home to You by The Peasall sisters
4. Cowboy Take Me Away by The Dixie Chicks
5. Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus

List three things that you would love to learn how to do:
1. Drive (haha)
2. skydive (maybe)
3. umm can't think of anything else...

What is your favorite candy?
Swedish fish!!! :D

What is your favorite time of day?
ummm.... after lunch I guess

That's all the questions I can think of right now. Thanks for reading and I'm sorry if I made you go insane with boredom lol!
I tag:

My sister, bee girl

A few minutes ago my sister found the first 
bee of spring.
She sort of befriended it and, I think,
is spoiling it.

Soon she's going to have a bratty bee on her 
hands, and no one in their right mind wants that!


I thought this was cute.
My brother and sister made a little
set up thing with lincoln logs and these little people that they 

I love the little guys building the log cabin!
And if you imagine really hard, it almost seems like 
our living room rug is the wide open prairie..... almost!


The Great Grilled Cheese Episode (haha)

So, this I think is kind of funny:
This looks like an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich, right?

Yes, but as the old gypsies or whoever said, "Do not let appearances deceive you!" (I actually don't know if gypsies said that, but, who cares.)
Here is what the sandwich really looks like:
I get the feeling it's dangerous!
No, actually my mom accidently left it on one side too long.
But my brother and I were developing an evil plan.
We said to just put it on Mark's plate and see how long he didn't notice. 
We kind of meant to leave it on there until he bit into it, but we chickened out. (Actually our mom said not to because if we did, it was very likely that Mark would throw up)
So Luke, (the brother that helped me with the scheme) called Kate and Mark for lunch and walked back in the kitchen while they came charging downstairs.
Now, Luke is a horrible actor, and as soon as he looked at Mark, he cracked up.
I had to do some quick thinking or our plan would go down the drain, so, I said to Kate and Mark that he was laughing at my new amigurumi doll, which was supposed to be a hippo, but looked a little more like a slightly chubby dog.
That would have convinced them, but Luke just kept on hahahahaing and of course, they got suspicious.
Mark kept saying "What? What?" 
Meanwhile he was holding the sandwich in his hand and peeling off the crust, not once bothering to turn it over.
Finally, I just told him, and he said, "It's all burnt!"
He wasn't mad, just confused.
So we explained the joke and our mom said he was a good sport for not getting mad and luckily, she had a backup sandwich ready. 
We all laughed over the joke during lunch, and Luke was still upset that he hadn't eaten it.
I pointed out that, "Of course he wouldn't eat it! Not with you laughing in his face!" And I made a pretty good, but exaggerated, imitation of Luke laughing his head off and trying not to show it.
We all cracked up and enjoyed the rest of our lunch.