Happy Birthday To......

H  I !

Today is Bleah's 16th birthday! YAY! Bleah is such a fantastic blogger, her blog is definitely one of my favorites :) Let's all raise our glasses to Bleah, a true one of a kind!

Have a great birthday!



Fun With Texture

Hey guys! This morning I was messing around with a photo I grabbed from my archives and I decided to show you what came of it :) Here's the original:

Here's the first edit (without any texture):

Here's the texture edit:

And, just for fun, I made this:



In Which I Show You What I Drew in an Art Class

I had an art class yesterday and this is what I came home with:

I like it. I'm so glad I'm doing this art class! I have it every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30 so I'll probably show you guys most pictures I do.



Does Toast Usually Feel Photogenic?

Because the other day, mine was........

I am currently obsessed with food photography but unfortunately I have zero nice foods to take photos of. A couple days ago I made brownies just for that reason and ended up nat taking a single picture. Yeah.



Mikayla's Photo Challenge: Simplicity

Mikayla: my life in words
  Mikayla is having a photo challenge! I really like this theme because I have way to many photos of simple things and it was fairly easy to choose one to enter:

Yeah, I shared this yesterday but I love it and I think its reasonably simple :)



In Which I Show You Some Recent Photography (And Photo Challenge Winner Announced!)

Whew, long title, huh? Anyway, last week I went outside to shoot some snowy nature photos and I thought I'd share them with you today!

I love this! The colors are so crisp and clean! It could be going in my etsy shop ;)

I adore this one as well. It just sums up the beauty in winter in one photograph. :)
How do I love this photograph? Let me count the ways:
1. snow
2. hints of blue
3. the basket
4. the brightness
5. pretty much everything (this one also could be going in my shop)

Which one is your favorite?
And, finally, the winner of the photo challenge! The winner is.................

Kate! Congratulations Kate!
Here is your prize:

And Mikayla and Sveta, here is your prize:

Congrats again guys!



Giveaways and Favorite Etsy Shops

Alrighty, this post is going to be two things:

1. Telling you about a few current giveaways going on and

2. Advertising my favorite etsy shops. (By the way I am not paid to advertise the shops, I just love their stuff!)

Anyway, on with the giveaways!

First, Miss Hannah@Aspire is having an awesome giveaway. She's giving away any 11x14 in frame from Organic Bloom. How great is that? Go check it out!

Second, Chelsea@ Paper Heart Camera is giving away the cutest necklace ev-ah! And some awesome Photoshop actions. Go HERE to enter.

Now with the etsy shops:

Wasted Beauty - Mini Print Photograph
Oliva has amazing photography, I just wish I could buy them all and hang them up all around my house. Go HERE to see her shop.

And then there's Carlotta's brand new shop:
morning in paris - 8x10

I've always deeply admired Carlotta's photography and was thrilled when I found I had the chance to purchase it! Check out her shop HERE.

And let's not forget Samantha!

Polymer Clay Charms- Set of 20

Her adorable shop has handmade polymer clay charms and let me tell you, they are adorable!

Well, those are three of a bunch of my favorite etsy shops. Do you have any favorite shops? I would love to hear about them!




Yes, my dear friends, today I went shopping. And, surprisingly I had a reason to go shopping:

A Confirmation dress.

And guess what??? I found one! After going to every single store in the mall we went to Hollister. I don't usually shop at Hollister because their clothes are so darn expensive but I allowed myself to be dragged into the sea of overpriced, adorable clothes.
As soon as I walked in it caught my eye.

Yep. I walked out with that in my bag. Isn't it too cute? My chaperones (my confirmation sponsor and her sister) loved it as much as I did.

What do you think?



Finalists of My Photo Contest!

Out of the eleven spectacular entries, these three are the ones I've chosen to be finalists. So without further ado, in no particular order, the finalists:

#1. Sveta

I don't know what it is about this photo, maybe the sharp orange-ish colors or the perfect focus, but I love it!

#2. Mikayla

What can I say? This photo is just gorgeous. The colors, the lighting, all of it is gorgeous.

#3. Kate

Now, I've raved over bokeh before, but this, this is amazing. The bokeh, the delicious-looking apricot bar, its all just *sigh* perfect.

Now its up to you! Which photo do you thinks deserves to win? Vote on the poll under the header to say which is your favorite!



Fashionably Me: January

Hey guys! I've decided to do one of these posts every month, showing you my top favorite clothing and colors of the month. This month I've chosen.................................
Top Picks For January
Handbags | Satchels at Dillards.com

How cute is that vest? And those jeans? And all the rest of those items? Too cute right? So yeah, those are my favorite colors/clothing items for January. WHat do you think? What are your favorite colors for January? What's your style?


P.S. Hurry and enter my photo challenge! This is the last day to enter!

Some (More) Wizarding Skills Unleashed (And a Giveaway!)

Remember this post? Well, something surprising happened yesterday. It seems that Kate and I have evil twins! Why do I think that? Because they showed up yesterday and battled us. No, I'm serious! Look:

They're fighting on top of my desk. Kate's evil twin turned her into a tiny person and then Kate did the same thing. FYI, the evil twin is in the black.

So, Kate fought her battle and luckily won, but then......................

Yep, that's right. My evil twin showed up. It turns out that I am a pretty awesome witch. I made quick work of my evil twin ;)

So, has anything like that happened to you? I'm doubting it.


P.S. Carlotta is having an awesome giveaway over at her awesome blog! Go check it out!


A Look Back on 2010-Photo Edition (Plus a New Design!)

Second, I put up a new design for January 2011 (it feels so weird to type 2011 :)). I love the color scheme and the softness yet crisp of the feel. These are a few of my favorite colors  and I love it. What do you think?
Third, I will post a few of my favorite photos taken in 2010:
I know this photo is good because of the editing, but I love it!

Taken in a moving car

This may be my favorite photo of all time. 

All of the photos above were taken with my point and shoot. All the photos coming up were taken with my DSLR:

There you have 'em. A few of my favorite photos of 2010.


P.S. I recently hit 60 followers. You guys are the best!