The results you've all been waiting for!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for, THE RESULTS OF MY PHOTO CONTEST AND GIVEAWAY!! *excited screams*
The giveaway results first! the winner of this lovely necklace:
is................... SHELLEY!!
Congrats Shelley! 
The honorable mention goes too:
Tay! Great job Tay! Here's your award:
The runner-up photo is:
 Hayhay's! Here are your prizes Hayhay:
a pair of donut earrings and:
An award featuring your photo
And the GRAND PRIZE photo goes too:
Cornet Crazie!!
Here are your prizes:
A makeover featuring the "Just For You" package from Olive Tree, valued at $25, and

Yeah, I threw in a bracelet :)
Guys, this was a blast! I won't be able to mail your prizes to you for at least a week because of my trip but when I get back I'll shoot you an email to get your addresses!
Thanks so much for participating!


A person who entered a photo contest through the linky tool has an invalid html thing. So would they please leave the URL of the post that their photo was in and not the html of the photo itself in a comment? Hurry or their photo will not be judged!!
It is entry number 7!!
Thanks! :)

Photo contest and giveaway are CLOSED, prayer request and update

Howdy! The photo contestis CLOSED! Thanks so much for entering and I'll post the winners later today so stay tuned!
I forgot to post this yesterday when I found out. I. am. leaving. tomorrow......!
Thats right! Tomorrow! A whole week!
And today I'm taking a beading class and going to "Hairspray".
I would like to make a prayer request: my great uncle is in the hospital. He has been doing poorly all year and the doctors need to know what's going on.
And please pray also for his wife, my great aunt, (not the one who I'm visiting) who is sort of the same situation, in-and-out of the hospital.
I will try to post tomorrow before I leave. I am taking my iPod on the trip and I am able to post on it but there isn't great internet connection up there. Actually, its horrible so I don't think you'll be hearing from me for at least a week.


I am going to the theater! (I said that with a british accent :)

Yes! Tomorrow night at seven with my two neighbors and one of the neighbor's moms. We're seeing "Hairspray"!
At first I thought it was a little weird that they asked me and not someone else because the neighbors are 17 and 16 but, hey, I'm not gonna pass up a chance to go see "Hairspray" :)
I'm so excited! Going to the theater means getting dressed up and I rarely get an occasion to wear my nice dresses :)
I will post pics of my dress. I just have to decide if I want to wear my blue polka dotted one, my brown one with the cream flowers or the pink one with the very interesting design. I don't think I'll be wearing the pink one though because m mom thinks its too short :P but I love it! :D
Have you ever gone to see a musical in a theater?


Aunt news, follower update and random stuff :)

Saturday. Saturday I become responsible. Saturday I am a woman. (*wink*) Saturday I'm going to my great aunt's to spend a week there! I can't wait!! (Does a responsible woman jump up and down and do a happy dance when they're excited about something?;)
One whole week of peace and quiet. Where I'm going (I am not going to tell you where for privacy reasons!) is the most peaceful place on earth. It is the most beautiful place on earth. It's where I would want to live if I was an adult.
Like I said, I won't be blogging for a week but its totally worth it :)
I have two amazing cousins there (ages 15 and 9) who are truly the sweetest people on earth.
I am so excited and I think my great aunt is too :)
Ok to change the subject, there is this guy riding around and around the block on a bright blue motorcycle thing. It's quite amusing ;)
To change the subject again I am half way to 50 followers! This summer I started out with 14 and I have 25 now! Whoo hoo! Not to mention I gained 4 in the last 12 hours! Double whoo hoo!
I have one photo entered in my photo contest and 3 people who said they were interested. To those people who are interested: Please post the photo on your blog and then enter your name in the linky tool near the top of my blog. Please enter the direct link to the blog post that your photo is in. Thanks!
Have a great day!
P.S. I have only one person entered in the giveaway!

Update on the contest/giveaway rules!

Alrighty, just an update on the photo contest/giveaway! You can only enter one photo and it can be edited :)
For the giveaway you can have up to 10 entries if you do everything your required to do.
Some people were a bit confused. I can't believe I didn't mention all these thing in the first post :P


Just thought I'd clear this up…

In my photo contest the pics are allowed to be edited! (I can't believe I didn't mention that in the first place!)

Mountain pics and cousins :)

I really should be posting these on my photo blog but its so much easier to post them here!

I was in the car when I took these. I love the last one because you can see the sun rays shining through the clouds like the angels are trying to let you see a smidge of heaven.
I've always thought the farm above was beautiful. When we were driving past I finally managed to snag a photo.

Which one is your favorite?
And I am asking a direct question which I would appreciate very much if you'd answer in a comment:
Should I delete my photo blog?
You can answer yes, no, or it's up to you! (meaning me!)
My two awesome cousins are over. They are 9 and 6. Kate loves to play with them and for the past few weeks they've been taking a dance class together. They do musical theater, jazz, tap and ballet. They are currently working on the song "It's a Hard Knock Life" from Annie. One of my favorite songs ever! They are practicing in the basement but since they are really belting out the song you can hear it through the heating vent.
They all have great voices!
They asked me to come down and watch them one time and honestly, it was great! =)
Also, this is something I'm looking forward to when I get my blog makeover:
A double sidebar so my photos can be bigger! 

Attention Photographers, Writers and Graphic Designers! (But mostly graphic designers!)

I found out through this blog that a girl was going to make a new online magazine called Bloom! Magazine. Click here to check it out! This girl needs staff members so I submitted an application to become a photographer! Go submit your application today!


I'm back and photos are soon to come, but……

Since I only have one entry for both the photo contest and the giveaway I am moving the deadline back 4 days. If no one else enters then the two people who entered will get all the prizes. The new deadline is July 29. The winners will be announced within the two days following.


I'm going to the mountains again.........:)

And just to let you know my family will probably be going to our cabin every weekend so I will probably not be posting most Saturdays. Hopefully most Sundays will bring loads of photos from the mountains. So I was thinking about combining my photo blog with this one. Yes I've brought it up before but I really want your honest opinion. I think it would be so much easier just to manage one blog. Anywho, yesterday we had our family over to celebrate my grandma's (my mom's mom) 70th birthday! It was a blast and it was a great opportunity to take lots of photos of my cousins (mostly my baby cousin because I was sort of babysitting her the whole time, which I didn't mind at all, she's so darn cute!). Unfortunately I won't be posting those because I don't think their parents would feel comfortable with their pictures on the internet. There were tons of desserts and I sampled almost everything (which I payed for later, but it was totally worth a little stomach ache!)
Cookies, cake, an awesome pudding/brownie/cool whip/chocolate thing that my aunt brought! (I did not get any pics of that. I know, shame on me!)
There were also three kinds of pies but by the time I finished all the other stuff I was waaayyy too full to risk anything else. So I hung out with my cousins (I am the oldest of all of them but they're all super fun!) and uncles and aunts and snapped photos like crazy. Every time I took a photo of her, my one-year-old cousin would say, "see! See!" so I had to show her a few pictures of her gorgeous self. (Whenever I showed her a picture of herself I think I saw more drool on her face than usual! LOL kidding!)
At the end of the night I played a slideshow for my grandma that featured every member of the past three generations. (Ok, I might have missed one or two of her sibling but everybody makes mistakes, right?)
She loved it! And it was made by yours truly.................... moi! (With a little help from my mom of course!)
So that's what's been going on around here for the past 24 hours!
Gotta get to bed!

The barefoot award!

I award this to anyone who has walked outside barefoot for at least an hour at a time.


Just one of my favorite pics ever!

I know it's on my photo blog but I just had to share it with you guys who don't follow it.
(click to enlarge it)

I'm Going On a Trip.......

The first week in August! Just me, going to my great aunt's house. By myself. I can't wait!! Unfortunately I will not be able to blog while I'm there but I will have tons to tell you when I get back! Also in August I'm getting and official blog makeover! YAY! The girl who is doing it does them for free, which is flippin' awesome! :D Click here to check here blog out! (She's taking a break for July so if you want a makeover for August you better fill out a form.)


It's my 100th post and you know what that means!

Photo contest!! And a giveaway! Yes, I am hosting a photo contest and a giveaway in honor of my 100th post. The category is, drumroll please.............. I said DRUMROLL PLEASE!! Thank you. The category is.................................................................... Summer fun! You can enter any photo that has your favorite thing about summer in it, with a small description saying why you love that about summer.
There will be a grand prize and and a runner-up prize and some honorable mentions. The grand prize will be:
A blog makeover by Olive Tree! Thanks so much Olive Tree! An award featuring your photo and any this necklace in my etsy shop (if you need me to make the necklace a little longer thats fine)!

The runner up prize: An award featuring your photo, a blog button made by moi :) and these earings from my etsy shop. (If you don't have your ears pierced thats fine because I have something set aside just in case!)

The honorable mentions will receive an award featuring their photo. Only one photo per person!!! Please leave me a comment with the URL of the post that has your photo in it.

Now for the giveaway! I will be giving away this necklace:
Here's how to enter:

Leave a comment saying you want to enter: 1 entry
Follow my blog and leave  comment letting me know that you do: 1 entry
Put my button on your blog and leave a comment: 1 entry
Follow my other blog "Find That Creative Spark" and leave a comment: 1 entry
Post about the giveaway on your blog and leave me a comment putting the URL of the blog post into it: 2 entries
Post about the photo contest on your blog and leave me a comment putting the URL of the blog post into it: 2 entries
Post about my followers fest and leave me a comment saying you did: 2 entries

That adds up to 10 entries total. You have until July 25th to enter and then I will put all the entries into a hat and pick one out. Good luck to all of you! Sorry I will only ship inside the U.S. :(


Happy Birthday Daddy!!

From tennis to pancakes your willing to teach me everything you know. Everything. And not many dad's do that =) I love you Daddy!


Comments, chatbox and post count

Alrighty everyone, as you can see in the title I am going to say something about comments: Anything you say will make my day! Except of course for rudeness and bad language.
Secondly, the chatbox: I just want to make it clear that when the gadget at the side of the screen on my blog homepage says 2 or more that means that someone else is visiting my blog so go to the chatbox and chat, because that's what it's there for ;)
And finally the post count: this is my 98th post *wink* *wink*

A Party and Aunt News =)

My mom is hosting a going away party for my grandma's friend. It's actually going on right now and I haven't gotten any cake yet so I better hurry up with this post before it's gone. Most of the people I don't know so it's kinda boring, which is why I'm upstairs writing this post :)
My mom talked to my great aunt the other day and they thought that I might be able to go there next week *squeals*! I wasn't originally able to because my dad's birthday and my grandma's birthday are next week, but I can go after my dad's b-day because we are probably going up to our mountain house during his and we aren't celebrating my grandma's as soon as I thought we were so.................. yeah :)
I'm so excited I hope I get to go! But my mom told me so suddenly that i was like, "Wow, umm okay..........." I was not expecting it at all! But it was a very nice surprise!
Ok, I'm going to get cake now ;)
And don't forget, if you ever need me to make you a blog button of some sort, I can do it! I think I might start selling the buttons that I make if the first few go well =)


Now that I know how to make buttons......

just let me know if you want me to make a blog button for you! I'll do it for free and you can describe the design =)

I did it!

I made a button and a grab box for the button! Honestly it was a lot easier than I thought it would be......................:)


Random stuff

*sigh* It has been one of those days................. Where your very tired but don't completely realize it until after dinner and then you just want to shut out the world and have peace and quiet. Right now I'm very annoyed and sad and tired at the same time. I have been bickering with my sister (yes I admit it and I guess now you know that I'm not perfect :) and now I am here, trying to explain my feeling to all of you understanding dear readers. Of course, my mom understands a whole lot, but I think it's been one of those days with her too, so I don't want to trouble her with my problems. Seem like a depressing post? Yeah it does :)
I have two more things to say, the first one is a prayer request: Our neighbor has breast cancer and is having her last chemo therapy sometime this month. She is truly a strong person and her daughter is a good friend of mine. So please pray!
Secondly, I have a chance to go to my great aunt's house for a whole week by myself! Just me and her and her friend who is also like a great aunt to me. I am thrilled about this because they live in one of the most peaceful inspiring places ever. It is so quiet and relaxing there and I would love to have peace and quiet for a whole week! Unfortunately she doesn't have very good internet connection there and so I would not be blogging for a week but I would have tons to tell when I got back. This is a great opportunity for me to be responsible and resourceful and be creative out of my mind! I am planning to take almost all of my art supplies when I go and plenty of other things that will keep me occupied.
Also, my great aunt is one of the awesomest and holiest people I know so I will be spending a whole lot of time with her!
Good bye for now!

Luke won!!

Congrats Luke!!! Luke won the championship match 6-1, 6-2!
Awesome! I'll post pics of his trophies later :)


Championship match for Luke

Good luck Luke!!!!!
My brother Luke is in the finals of a tournament! Win or lose he gets a trophy :)


So have you guys forgotten…

About my followers fest?? Whoever gets me the most followers by August 31 gets a special prize and I will post about it another day. All you have to do is post about my blog on your blog and the new followers must tell me who sent them. I will keep track of the numbers. If I reach 50 followers i will host a giveaway!
Also, I could not post any pics of me ballpersoning:(
My mom gave my camera to Kate and she accidentily took a video instead of photos.
Oh well, I have one more chance because tomorrow is my last day. But honestly, your not missing much, all I'm doing is standing with my hands behind my back, sweltering in the heat and hoping for someone to mess up ;)


I won a caption contest!

Here are my captions:

haha =)
This week I've been ballpersoning for a pro tennis tournament! Well, almost pro :)
It's so fun except for the fact that its' about a billion degrees out.
Unfortunately I have no pics but I'll try to get my mom to take some when I'm in action (meaning when I'm standing on the court with my hands behind my back waiting for someone to mess up :).


My Etsy!!

Click HERE to go to my etsy shop!!!!

The pics I promised you and some more blog makeover discussion (long title, huh?)

I was *so* happy I got this pic! ^

To be honest I didn't get a whole lot of photos with my camera because my uncle and aunt came with their daughters and my uncle let me play around with his camera, which is a Canon 30D i think........
He said he would put the pics that I took onto a disc and give it to me. I will post the pics as soon as I have them. And I'm thinking about deleting my photo blog and just posting my photos on this one, so what do you think of that? :) 
Also, I desperately need a blog makeover, background, header, fonts and all. 
So with all these changes I figure just smush both blogs together :)
I guess I'm just dreaming, because at the moment I can't spend $60 dollars on a blog makeover. Oh well, maybe I'll win one in a giveaway or something =))


Tips and titles =)

Yes, I am making a whole lot of changes to my blog, so I need your advice. First, could you tell me how to change the font to something other than the 6 fonts blogger has to offer? Second, I am considering changing the title. Right now i have a little obsession with butterflies, so my I have only one title in mind: Butterfly Soul.
Yes, very random and I am open to suggestions so if ya'll have any ideas comment!! Here are some words that I would love to have in my title:
Violet (optional)

and a lot of other things that I can't think of at the moment. If you have any ideas at all let me know!

A whole lot of stuff........

Hey guys! I'm back from our cabin (obviously) and I still need to edit the pics so they're coming soon!
I am setting up an etsy account! For those of you who don't know what etsy is I'll tell you:
It's a website where you can buy and sell handmade and vintage stuff.
I really like it but if it doesn't work out I'll just sell my handmade stuff on here :)
I am having a followers fest!! My goal is to have 50 followers by the end of the summer. Sound like a lot? Well you guys can help! Whoever gains me the most followers will win a special prize! And if/when I get 50 followers i will have a giveaway to celebrate!!
And I am currently trying to figure out how to make a blog button in Photoshop. I know how to actually make the button but I don't know how to get a link into the button. If you guys have any tips or advice PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment!!!!!!!
And Olive Tree, thanks sooooooooooooo much for following!! I really appreciate it!!


Another Giveaway!!

Jenna, over at "Where the Heart Remains", is having a lovely giveaway! Click HERE to join!

Its a little late but…..

HAPPY 4TH!!!!!!


Going away for a day

My family is going to our mountain house!! Lots of pics when I get back!