Photo contest and giveaway are CLOSED, prayer request and update

Howdy! The photo contestis CLOSED! Thanks so much for entering and I'll post the winners later today so stay tuned!
I forgot to post this yesterday when I found out. I. am. leaving. tomorrow......!
Thats right! Tomorrow! A whole week!
And today I'm taking a beading class and going to "Hairspray".
I would like to make a prayer request: my great uncle is in the hospital. He has been doing poorly all year and the doctors need to know what's going on.
And please pray also for his wife, my great aunt, (not the one who I'm visiting) who is sort of the same situation, in-and-out of the hospital.
I will try to post tomorrow before I leave. I am taking my iPod on the trip and I am able to post on it but there isn't great internet connection up there. Actually, its horrible so I don't think you'll be hearing from me for at least a week.


  1. Blesings to your family. My grandpa just passed away last summer but I found it better he go to heaven then endure the pain. I pray he recovers.

  2. Have fun on your trip! I hope you have fun. When you get back we need to hear all about it and if you have any pictures we would love to see those too.

    I will be praying for your great aunt and uncle.



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