The pics I promised you and some more blog makeover discussion (long title, huh?)

I was *so* happy I got this pic! ^

To be honest I didn't get a whole lot of photos with my camera because my uncle and aunt came with their daughters and my uncle let me play around with his camera, which is a Canon 30D i think........
He said he would put the pics that I took onto a disc and give it to me. I will post the pics as soon as I have them. And I'm thinking about deleting my photo blog and just posting my photos on this one, so what do you think of that? :) 
Also, I desperately need a blog makeover, background, header, fonts and all. 
So with all these changes I figure just smush both blogs together :)
I guess I'm just dreaming, because at the moment I can't spend $60 dollars on a blog makeover. Oh well, maybe I'll win one in a giveaway or something =))

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  1. I love your butterfly picture! :)

    Have you seen Treble Clef's giveaway? If you submit a story, she'll give away a makeover by Awel Prince.



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