I'm going to the mountains again.........:)

And just to let you know my family will probably be going to our cabin every weekend so I will probably not be posting most Saturdays. Hopefully most Sundays will bring loads of photos from the mountains. So I was thinking about combining my photo blog with this one. Yes I've brought it up before but I really want your honest opinion. I think it would be so much easier just to manage one blog. Anywho, yesterday we had our family over to celebrate my grandma's (my mom's mom) 70th birthday! It was a blast and it was a great opportunity to take lots of photos of my cousins (mostly my baby cousin because I was sort of babysitting her the whole time, which I didn't mind at all, she's so darn cute!). Unfortunately I won't be posting those because I don't think their parents would feel comfortable with their pictures on the internet. There were tons of desserts and I sampled almost everything (which I payed for later, but it was totally worth a little stomach ache!)
Cookies, cake, an awesome pudding/brownie/cool whip/chocolate thing that my aunt brought! (I did not get any pics of that. I know, shame on me!)
There were also three kinds of pies but by the time I finished all the other stuff I was waaayyy too full to risk anything else. So I hung out with my cousins (I am the oldest of all of them but they're all super fun!) and uncles and aunts and snapped photos like crazy. Every time I took a photo of her, my one-year-old cousin would say, "see! See!" so I had to show her a few pictures of her gorgeous self. (Whenever I showed her a picture of herself I think I saw more drool on her face than usual! LOL kidding!)
At the end of the night I played a slideshow for my grandma that featured every member of the past three generations. (Ok, I might have missed one or two of her sibling but everybody makes mistakes, right?)
She loved it! And it was made by yours truly.................... moi! (With a little help from my mom of course!)
So that's what's been going on around here for the past 24 hours!
Gotta get to bed!

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  1. Totally okay.
    I had to write almost the same post on my blog explaining that I am going on vacation for five possibly six days, and sorry that I didn't get the chance to write much this week because we were (and are finishing) packing!

    Love it how you share that you are sorry :)

    Hopefully read your blog soon.
    Jesus' Richest Blessings.


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