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*sigh* It has been one of those days................. Where your very tired but don't completely realize it until after dinner and then you just want to shut out the world and have peace and quiet. Right now I'm very annoyed and sad and tired at the same time. I have been bickering with my sister (yes I admit it and I guess now you know that I'm not perfect :) and now I am here, trying to explain my feeling to all of you understanding dear readers. Of course, my mom understands a whole lot, but I think it's been one of those days with her too, so I don't want to trouble her with my problems. Seem like a depressing post? Yeah it does :)
I have two more things to say, the first one is a prayer request: Our neighbor has breast cancer and is having her last chemo therapy sometime this month. She is truly a strong person and her daughter is a good friend of mine. So please pray!
Secondly, I have a chance to go to my great aunt's house for a whole week by myself! Just me and her and her friend who is also like a great aunt to me. I am thrilled about this because they live in one of the most peaceful inspiring places ever. It is so quiet and relaxing there and I would love to have peace and quiet for a whole week! Unfortunately she doesn't have very good internet connection there and so I would not be blogging for a week but I would have tons to tell when I got back. This is a great opportunity for me to be responsible and resourceful and be creative out of my mind! I am planning to take almost all of my art supplies when I go and plenty of other things that will keep me occupied.
Also, my great aunt is one of the awesomest and holiest people I know so I will be spending a whole lot of time with her!
Good bye for now!


  1. Oh, don't worry. It's just one of those down days... It'll get better. Anyway, I also fight with my siblings a lot. Hehe. I think all bloggers do! :D

  2. One time I had a down day because one of the girls in my class really got me frustrated with her. People told me to pray, but I shook it off by saying that it wouldn't help. When I finally gave in a prayed, I felt so much better!

    Have fun at your great aunts if you go! And be sure to take lots of pictures and tell us all about it when you get back. Ok? :-)



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