So have you guys forgotten…

About my followers fest?? Whoever gets me the most followers by August 31 gets a special prize and I will post about it another day. All you have to do is post about my blog on your blog and the new followers must tell me who sent them. I will keep track of the numbers. If I reach 50 followers i will host a giveaway!
Also, I could not post any pics of me ballpersoning:(
My mom gave my camera to Kate and she accidentily took a video instead of photos.
Oh well, I have one more chance because tomorrow is my last day. But honestly, your not missing much, all I'm doing is standing with my hands behind my back, sweltering in the heat and hoping for someone to mess up ;)


  1. What is "ballpersoning"? I'm so sorry about your followers fest. I am a recent follower by I think Laney's blog. I don't know. I just know that I got here somehow and I love your blog. LOLZ Good luck reaching 50 followers!

  2. Brooklyn,
    ballpersoning is when you stand with your hands behind your back either at net or in one of the four corners of a tennis court retrieving balls for the players. Its fun but tiring :)

  3. I will see what I can do to get the word out. :) I didn't forget,I just haven't come up with an idea of how to get the word out.



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