Mountain pics and cousins :)

I really should be posting these on my photo blog but its so much easier to post them here!

I was in the car when I took these. I love the last one because you can see the sun rays shining through the clouds like the angels are trying to let you see a smidge of heaven.
I've always thought the farm above was beautiful. When we were driving past I finally managed to snag a photo.

Which one is your favorite?
And I am asking a direct question which I would appreciate very much if you'd answer in a comment:
Should I delete my photo blog?
You can answer yes, no, or it's up to you! (meaning me!)
My two awesome cousins are over. They are 9 and 6. Kate loves to play with them and for the past few weeks they've been taking a dance class together. They do musical theater, jazz, tap and ballet. They are currently working on the song "It's a Hard Knock Life" from Annie. One of my favorite songs ever! They are practicing in the basement but since they are really belting out the song you can hear it through the heating vent.
They all have great voices!
They asked me to come down and watch them one time and honestly, it was great! =)
Also, this is something I'm looking forward to when I get my blog makeover:
A double sidebar so my photos can be bigger! 

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