A Party and Aunt News =)

My mom is hosting a going away party for my grandma's friend. It's actually going on right now and I haven't gotten any cake yet so I better hurry up with this post before it's gone. Most of the people I don't know so it's kinda boring, which is why I'm upstairs writing this post :)
My mom talked to my great aunt the other day and they thought that I might be able to go there next week *squeals*! I wasn't originally able to because my dad's birthday and my grandma's birthday are next week, but I can go after my dad's b-day because we are probably going up to our mountain house during his and we aren't celebrating my grandma's as soon as I thought we were so.................. yeah :)
I'm so excited I hope I get to go! But my mom told me so suddenly that i was like, "Wow, umm okay..........." I was not expecting it at all! But it was a very nice surprise!
Ok, I'm going to get cake now ;)
And don't forget, if you ever need me to make you a blog button of some sort, I can do it! I think I might start selling the buttons that I make if the first few go well =)

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