I am going to the theater! (I said that with a british accent :)

Yes! Tomorrow night at seven with my two neighbors and one of the neighbor's moms. We're seeing "Hairspray"!
At first I thought it was a little weird that they asked me and not someone else because the neighbors are 17 and 16 but, hey, I'm not gonna pass up a chance to go see "Hairspray" :)
I'm so excited! Going to the theater means getting dressed up and I rarely get an occasion to wear my nice dresses :)
I will post pics of my dress. I just have to decide if I want to wear my blue polka dotted one, my brown one with the cream flowers or the pink one with the very interesting design. I don't think I'll be wearing the pink one though because m mom thinks its too short :P but I love it! :D
Have you ever gone to see a musical in a theater?


  1. hey, I'm a new follower! I know I have seen plays like the Lion King, and the Nutcracker, but I don't recall seeing a musical. Hope you have lots of fun! :)


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