brownies+my outfit

You know that moment when you take a sheet of perfect cookies or a pan of delectable cake out of the oven and you inhale deeply to get the full commercial-like affect? I love doing that. Why? Because I <3 baking.

I got to do it yesterday with these beauties:

Sorry for the crummy photos, by the time I took these the sun was going down and since I refuse to use flash I had to brighten them up in Photoshop.
Delicious. They were gone fast :)
Oh, and since this would be a rather short post, I'm going to throw in a few recent wizard pictures, combined with my outfit pictures:

shirt: aeropostale// skirt: aeropostale// cami: wet seal
I love the skirt I'm wearing, it's ssooooo comfy, and:

It. has. pockets.

How awesome is that! It's the first skirt that I own with pockets and I'm in love!
What do you prefer in a skirt, pockets or no pockets?



  1. It's Thursday and I'm in love!!
    I adore your skirt, girl. Jealous!!
    Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Mmm those brownies look SOO good! Love your skirt :)

  3. I prefer pockets--most of the time, as long as they aren't bulky and stick out if there's anything in them. :P

    Love the pictures!

  4. Ooh. You nearly pushed me over the edge with those brownie photos. No more, please! You're going to make me crave something sweet! :)

    What a pretty skirt! I do like pockets on my skirts-- so much more convenient.


  5. P.S. I almost got a skirt like that at BT!

    (please not the wizards)

  6. Pockets pockets pockets! I ONLY buy dresses/skirts with pockets. It just bugs me if i dont have pockets on me. :( Where am i supposed to put my phone??

  7. Mmmmm! The brownies look delicious!


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