a little bit o' me

So yeah, I don't usually pose for the camera for two reasons:

1. I don't find myself photogenic and

2. I'm not all that comfortable in front of the camera

Those are two pretty pathetic reasons because I can learn to jump both of those hurdles, but still, I don't pose that often. Well, the other day I decided to get over my in-front-of-camera-phobia, and smiled for the lens.

^^^favorite photo of the shoot^^^

shirt  : JCPenny // cami : wet seal // jeans : aeropostale // peace sign bracelet : aeropostale // peace necklace : borrowed from my sister // other necklace : homemade

Whadya think? Photo credit goes to my sister. I've gotta teach her a few things, but in my opinion she turned out pretty good!



  1. I love all the pics!! And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your shirt!

    Love, lol


  2. you are so pretty! great photos!

  3. gorgeous photos! And I agree with Kiley- your so cute! Get in front of the camera for us more often;)


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