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Okay, this shop has some the sweetest artwork I've ever seen! Here's one of my favorite prints:

Love - Print of a watercolor painting

Is it too cute or what?

2. 96

96. That's the number of followers you will see in my sidebar. Seriously, you guys are amazing, let's try to make it to 100 and we might have a little giveaway to celebrate a) the beginning of of summer b) 100 followers and c) because your awesome ;)

3. watermelon

I forgot how much I loved this fruit until about a week ago when we got the first one of the year. So. delish ;)

4. sitting on curbs...

and eating ice cream! How perfect is that?

5. sickness

Our house has been a sick house for the past week+. Right now I have a cough, Luke and Kate have upset stomachs and Mark is the only healthy one. My cough isn't too bad, its just annoying :P
Hopefully we'll get better soon!



  1. Cute photos! :)
    water melon looks SOOO good right now!

  2. sounds like the beginning of your summer is awesome! And get better:) our family is a little under the weather too.. its so frustrating when it's so beautiful outside right now and I really want to go out and enjoy it. But we have all summer, right? :DDD

  3. Really nice photos, Hannah. I would agree with you on the artwork. So detailed. I love it


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