miscellaneous ramblings

1. photography
I'm living in a photography dreamland right now. Family, friends and neighbors are spreading the news that I am a photographer and I do sessions for nothing and/or very cheap. Tomorrow I have a job at a diner that some neighbors own to take photos of food for the menus, walls, advertisements, etc., and Sunday I'm taking photos of the prom girls. So. Excited!
Aaaannnd a family friend has asked me to take their family photo! Seriously, I feel like a professional ;)


2. these girls

They're too cute :)

3. blog design
okay, so I have two awesome designs that I'm ready to install, and I say two because I made two and debating on which one to do. Another thing is, when? Should I wait ten days till June 1st and then install it or do it right away? Vote on the poll on the sidebar!

4. march, april and may showers bring may flowers
Yeah. I said March, April and May. I am so sick of rain. I am sick of soggy ground. I am sick of not being able to go outside and play rundown, double dutch and whatever else I enjoy doing in the sunshine.
The only good in rain is, well, dewdrops on flowers ;)

5. I'm running out of ramblings...
So I'm signing off for now! See ya!



  1. Beautiful photos! Congratulations on getting so many photography jobs- that's awesome! :)

  2. Wow- the many photographing jobs are AMAZING!!! Good for you :) I'm jealous! You. Are. SO. Darn. CUTE!!!! I'm jealous, once again ;D

    The girls are adorable! Did you get many good pictures? :)

    I voted!! I LOVE changing my Blog around. I swear- I can go like 3 weeks with one style, then I HAVE to change it!! Hehe- it's a good thing I CAN! ;D

    It's been so gloomy and rainy here, too :( Me and my family MADE (literally! It worked!!) the sun come out today!!! It's been like exactly a week since we've seen it!!


    I have a giveaway going!! You can enter by going to this link... :) Enjoy! <3


  3. awesome pictures! love this post :)


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