the wonders of dewdrops

(I'm finally publishing this post for real. With all the junk that went on with Blogger, it showed up on everyones dashboard but wasn't really there. Anywho, here it is!)

Is it just me, or are tulips sprinkled with dew one of the most wonderful things in the world?

Actually, anything that had dew on it is gorgeous...

Don't you think dewdrops are so whimsical? Which photo is your favorite?


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  1. I LOVE ALL of themLKfladfh...

    sorry my cat put her tail in my face :o)

    Dew IS wimzical. You know what I like doing with the camera the best? Spinning, but keeping it focused on me, and then snapping it. Rockin' awesome. So flurry and wimzy!

    (forgot to turn my Mom's account off)

    Meghan <><


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