Update on stuff goin' on around here

Hey guys! Wow has this week been busy (or at least it seems like it)! Today I played with a highschool tennis team and babysat my cousins, ages 1 and 4. Yesterday Luke had a playoff baseball game and his team is in the championship!! The game was amazing!! There were five home runs in it and four of them were hit by our team! But the crazy thing was that one kid from Luke's team hit three of them. Wow.
Tonight Luke and Mark have a basketball games and Mark is playing his game against his good friend's team. Thats gonna be interesting ;)
And the best part of all is that we're having, drumroll please...................... WE'RE HAVING PANCAKES FOR DINNER!!!!!!! lol ;)


  1. Wow, sounds neat! I am not a big sports fan, but watching baseball games are always a blast for me! I have a slight competititve edge to me, so I always get excited and start jumping up and down for no reason when I think someone from the team I am cheering for might get out, yikes! :-)

    Yum, I love having breakfast for dinner. We sometimes have blueberry French Toast for supper.


  2. I love having pancakes for dinner! :D


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