Ok guys, desperate blogger here!

This morning I installed Photoshop on my moms computer. Ya know how I've been saying I want to get directions on how to change a two column template into a three column template? Well once I know my way around Photoshop i think I'll be able to make my own backgrounds for my blog. So again, if you or anyone you know have anything that could help me in this process, it would be a  HUGE help!
So if you have a three column blog and have the time, please please please email me the directions! :) in the meantime I'll be searching for not-so-difficult ways to change it. Hopefully I'll have a real three column template in a week or so! :D


  1. Just google tutorials. That's how I got mine.

  2. Hi Hannah! You commented on my blog, asking for Photoshop tips. I'm sorry to say that I don't have many. Except - just mess around for a while until you figure everything out, then start on an actual project. Hope this helps!

    Queen Lucy

  3. We have photoshop, but I have no idea how to work it. I might have to attempt to teach myself this summer.



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