Just a random (but real life) thing that I wrote

Here is something that I just randomly jotted down:

"I smell onion and get up from the floor, I had been lying there listening to the noise below and resting. The onion smell is good and it mixes faintly with potatoes. I don't like onion but I adore the smell of it frying. The breeze coming through the window is cool and light and makes the certificates on the closet door sway forward and back again.
Time for lunch.
The first bite of mushy potato and tasteless dough smothered in butter burns my mouth. I enjoy it anyway:)
Kate offers to get the milk out for me and when she brings it over to my place at the table I thank her and pour myself a glass.
The conversation wanders from one thing to another and soon everything that was put on my plate is gone. I set my plate and glass on the counter because the dishwasher is full. then I head back up to may room to finish writing this."

Yep, I wrote that. And I honestly was just laying on the floor for no reason :D
Thats how my mind works. I see an ant crawling up a tree branch and I try to make something graceful or poetic out of it. Like the breeze coming through the window. That's one of my favorite things to do. Make a simple but beautiful line out of anything at all.
lol no I'm not crazy, I'm just a writer.


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