A tag

The Golden Eagle tagged me!

Q. Why did you start your blog?

A. Because i love to write and I thought it would be cool to post about my life and make friends over the internet

Q. What are/were your objectives for your blog(s)?

A. To have a whole lot of followers!!!

Q. Who tagged you for this tag?

A. The Golden Eagle

Q. Do you love chocolate?

A. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!

Q. Have many blogs do you have? Do you post often? Are any private? 

A. I have three blogs and I'm contributing to one other. One blog is a test blog, another is my photo blog, this blog and I'm writing for a story blog. None of them are private and I try to post as often as I can!

Thanks Golden Eagle!
Now I tag:
Hannah @Aspire
Luci @Virtuous Girlhood


  1. Thanks for tagging me, Hannah! And commenting/visiting on my blog. =) I will try to do this ASAP!



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