Haircut and Dentist

Hello everybody, sorry I haven't posted in a while, my mom is making me stick to posting three days a week :P Anyway, here's what's goin' on around here:
I got my haircut and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I'll post pics later :) And we went to the dentist yesterday. We go to this dentil school where the college students actually clean our teeth. Usually we get more experienced ones but this time I think we got second years and you could tell that they had almost no idea what they were doing, which wasn't comforting.

First, they had to ask me questions that my mom had already answered in a form thing they had already looked at. After 15 minutes of that the tried to take my blood pressure. But of course the cuff was too big for my arm and it was so loud in there that they couldn't hear anything so they spent a half hour (I'm serious!) trying to find a smaller cuff and a place on the inside of my elbow where they could actually hear the blood flow. I was pretty annoyed but what could i do? Try to make my blood flow louder? I don't think so. After a while they just gave up and started on my teeth. Now, who else hates the toothpaste that they use? I mean, what kind of toothpaste is grainy and crunchy? But I got through that okay, considering they let me rinse about 20 times ;)
Then they checked for cavities, something that I thought they did as soon as I plunked myself down in that chair. Well luckily I was cavity free, but the way they were talking I might as well have had a one. They used all sorts of long dentil words that usually scare a person half to death. When the real dentist came in to check me over, she found that everything they were worried about was normal, except for one thing: My tooth had to be re-sealed ;)
The sealants only took two minutes and it was by far the best part, not that it was enjoyable or anything.
Thank goodness we don't have to go back for another six months, although i'm pretty sure that those six months will go a whole lot quicker than I think ;D


  1. Well that's not very good!

    I LOVE the dentist AND the hair dressers.

    I can't wait for those photos!!!!

  2. Hannah,
    what's your email??? I want to send you another email if you hadn't changed it or anything... maybe when I was copying it last time I did it wrong!?

  3. Hey Meghan my email can be found on my profile page. Theres an email link right under my profile picture :)

  4. Oh thanks.
    Isent you ANOTHER invitation and I sent the other Hannah one too. She got it and commented on my blog. She got it in half a day...i wonder what's wrong?

    Thanks anyway. I will keep trying.


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