An Update on life in my house:)

Hey guys, I haven't posted for a while, huh? Just thought I'd tell you what's goin' on around here:)
Everyone's enjoying summer and two nights ago we went to see the new "Karate Kid" at a drive in movie theater! It was so fun! I'll write a review about it later! It's probably one of my favorite movies.
I've been practicing rollerblading! I'm now good enough to make it down our rough slightly downhill driveway without a walker!;)
Also, (this is completely random) Luke's baseball team is #1 in the league so far! They've only lost one game!
And (this is also completely random) we have to go to the dentist at the end of the month D: I can't stand the dentist! But the worst part is, I think i might have a cavity :((((( I've never had one before and i want it to stay that way!!!
lol oh well :/ remember to go to Bleah's blog and follow!!!!


  1. I've never seen Karate Kid, or any kind of martial arts movie, actually. But I do find all the skills and physical abilities intersting.

  2. So weird. I like LOVE the dentist!


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