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You guys want me to put up more stories of everyday life in my house and book reviews. Well I have a story for you right now:
Yesterday when I wasn't feeling too sick I helped my mom paint the upstairs hallway. We picked a really pretty light blue and i loved it. First we had to paint around the window and the door frames, just because the roller wouldn't be able to fit in the corners or right next to the door frame. So that was my job. After we finished my mom called Kate and Mark upstairs so they could do their part, which was actually paint the hallway. My job was done until the first coat dried and then back to "tracing the edges". It dried pretty quickly so we just repeated what we did the first time. When Kate and Mark were finally done I came upstairs to look. It was really pretty but there was something wrong.
I looked at Mummy (thats what we call our mom) and she said, "I really like it, but i think it's too........baby boyish." She was right. It was just not a fit color for the hallway. It was waaay too bright. I still liked it, but i had to agree with her. So today we're painting the hallway a different color. It's more grayish, but we already had a little conversation about how it might be a little too gray. Are we never going to find the right color?!? Oh well, i've always liked to paint. And whatever color we pick at least it'll be a fresh and new.
Have any of you guys had a paint disaster/problem?

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  1. Wow, I don't know what I would do if I spent most of my day painting and then we redid it.

    Yes, we have had paint "problems". :) At school we were painting a chair for an art show and we were using Bahama (sp?) blue paint. One of the girls had a paint tray with her and started painting the bottom of the chair. She put down the paint tray and forgot about it and ended up getting the blue paint all over the back of her hair! It took a month to get it all out!



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