Only three days a week?!?!

My mom is limiting me to blogging three days a week for the summer. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully i'll be able to slide one or two more days into that week ;D
So blogger friends, what have you been up to? Enjoying your summer? Off school yet? LOL so far it has been a pretty rainy summer :P but I'll look on the bright side...............................*taps chin*........................sorry, I got nuthin :D there isn't much of a bright side if rain clouds are covering the sun!

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  1. Horray, I am so excited because I have been out of school for two whole weeks as of tomorrow. :)

    Maybe you could schedule posts for the days that you want to post but can't because of the three day limit. If you don't know how to schedule posts, I can tell you how to. (I was away one weekend on a trip with my family and so I scheduled a post so I didn't miss that Friday to post)



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