Summer to-do list

It is officially SUMMER!!!!!!! I can't believe it! School is over and it's time to kick back, relax and enjoy the heat, humidity and bug bites! lol thats not a very good way to describe summer is it? Well here's my summer to-do list:

1. Hold a giveaway on my blog
2. Get in touch with five blogger friends
3. Hold a lemonade stand with my friends
4. Run a 5k race in July
6. Ride my bike 6-7 times a week
7. Get better at rollerblading
8. Play street hockey on rollerblades
9. Play run-down as much as I can
10. Read a Bible verse every morning
11. Be able to ride the four wheeler down to the creek at our mountain house
12. Grill hotdogs at least twice
13. blog, blog and blog some more!

I think most of my readers will be happy with that last one! Have you made out your summer to-do list yet?
No?!? Get to it then! =)
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  1. How can you grill a hotdog twice?!
    jk, jk

  2. LOL. Your funny.

    Great list Hannah (;


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