ten things

Ten things that make me happy:

001. Water with lemon

002. New creamy pink nail polish

003. Sweet apple perfume

004. Homemade pizza

005. Delicate pops of purple flowers waving in the summer breeze

006. Exciting secret plans I'm making and working on and will be sharing with you soon ;)

007. Doing playdoh with my adorable cousins

008. Feeling so much healthier from drinking about 5 glasses of water :)

009. White shorts

010. Walking barefoot in the rain

What makes you happy?


  1. that first photo just screams summer. love it :) playdoh is the bomb. and so are white shorts!

  2. I love your outfit. And that first photo is totally awesomesauce. the end. :)

  3. Nice photographs and list Hannah! The sunshine, spending time with my family, picking berries, and doing crafts makes me happy! :)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Beautiful pictures, great things to be happy about! Just perfect :)

  5. Wow, your so pretty and tall! Beautiful pictures, by the way!

  6. I love this first picture! So beautiful!


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