I run

Starting is the easiest. Like other things in this world, the beginning is always easy for me. There is no noise at all, nothing except for the music coming from my earbuds that are plugged into my ears. My pounding feet carry myself from street to street. No cars. No people. One dog. It barks at me as I pass his territory, glaring at me threateningly from behind his tall wooden fence. I ignore it and keep going. Every once in a while I am aware of my hard breathing, and I remember to take controlled, easy breaths. I reach the lake and walk across the small dock, stretching out my legs, my shoulders, letting my pumping lungs rest a while. I amuse myself for a few minutes by watching the ducks plunge below the surface of the green water, searching for breakfast. Then rest time is over. Time to tackle the hardest part of this morning run. I start off slow, conserving my energy for "the titanium of torture". This is what I nicknamed the hill-about 1/4 of a mile, steep in the middle, and an all around, oh, I don't know, monster. In general, I like running. Sure, there are those times when you feel like you're on death's door, but most of the time you can power through it. Yeah, dealing with the "titanium of torture" is one of those times where your battery needs to be charged 100%. At least mine does anyway! My lungs never pumped harder. Trying to be consumed by my music, I forced my legs to keep moving. I looked ahead. The more I moved forwards, the more my destination seemed to move back. Suddenly, I couldn't help from hearing my heavy breathing, the blood rushing through my head. And then, it's over. And I'm left with the feeling of nausea, thirst, and accomplishment. -hannah p.s. Sorry for the lack of photos. The limited internet connection here doesn't let me upload photos :P So the next few posts will probably be photo-less.


  1. love this. that right there is why i run.

  2. Great post! I love the way it's written! :) And sometimes having no photos is a good thing because it gives your writing a chance to stand out!


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