singin' in the rain

I can't even tell you the last time I've gone crazy in the rain. It' been a while. But there's just something about being the only one outside with your friends, running around in the street, getting completely soaked that makes me happy.

Jodie :)
I asked my friend Kayla to snap some photos of us using my camera because I was waaay to wet to do it myself!
Speaking of my camera, it has a new best friend! It's name is "50mm f/1.8G". They are pretty much in-seperable now ;)
What do you do on rainy days?



  1. Love these! There's nothing better than dancing in the rain! ;)

  2. So fun! I love running out in the rain. <3

  3. oh,fun- this is on my bucket list!
    cute one of you in the rain :)

  4. Dear Hannah,

    What an awfully darling picture of you! I love it. And the first picture is brilliant. Ok, I'll admit it, I usually sit in the rain when I'm really mad and cry. But dancing in the rain sounds so much nicer. The perfect rainy day thing is to make some tea, and take out your favorite book and reread your favorite parts, in my opinion. ;)

    And terribly, terribly sorry I haven't commented in AGES. I have been out of order for a while, with a really crazy summer on my hands, but it's finally slowly down to normal life speed. So, expect more comments soon. ;)

    P.S. Really, really love the first picture. Did I mention it's amazing?


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