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Two Thursdays ago, I was pacing around my house, going over my camera equipment and other little miscellaneous things I needed for the shoot that was going to take place in under an hour. After running through the list for the millionth time, and wearing out just about every carpet in my house, I felt ready.
I tried sitting down and watching t.v. and I couldn't. I tried reading the newspaper. I tried looking at blogs. I tried playing the piano.
Finally, I realized that there was no way I could calm myself down, so I went back to pacing and thinking. Occasionally I scrambled around the house, snatching something up that could be useful.
When 5:30 finally rolled around, I heard a knock on my front door, and all I could think was yesss.

Madison was calm, cool, and collected, and my jumping stomach settled down within a few minutes of chatting and shooting. I barely had to direct her at all, she was a natural.
We went to a location that was full to bursting with fields, woods, and a creek. It was pretty much perfect.

There was one spot I was absolutely determined to get to, and I'm telling you, Madison was a trooper. It seemed like we were walking and dodging branches and trudging through mud for hours, but all that was worth it when we finally arrived.

Madison was willing and eager to try anything, and as a photographer I appreciated that so much. She was easy to talk to, fun to be around, and super talented. She is on the road to becoming a star. She has done many plays and musicals, and a bunch of other modeling jobs, but when I asked her if she was more interested in becoming a model or an actress, she surprised me. "Neither. I'm really into opera."
Can you say impressive?

I had a blast on this photo shoot. Thanks again, Madison! Can't wait to work with you again :)

Which photo is your favorite?


  1. These are SO good Hannah! I can't even begin to pick a favourite!

  2. Hannah, these are incredible! My favorite is the first on the railroad tracks!

  3. Oh. My. Word. I love them all too much! I'd absolutely love to shoot something like this. I just need to find somewhere to shoot, haha. Once again gorgeous. I can't wait to see more like this in the future.

  4. these are really good! love it.

  5. These are so gorgeous! Gah. I love them. And the train track ones? LOVE. These are so great, Hannah!


  6. wow these are fantastic hannah! and the dog park was the perfect place for these! so so so good!


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