scenes from the mountains

I haven't been on blogger much these past few days, and the next week or two will be extremely busy, so I'm not sure how much I'll be around. I'll try to schedule some posts though :)
Anyway, I've thrown together a post with pictures that I took the last time we went up to our mountain house. Enjoy!

Love this photo, the flower was gorgeous. A bunch of different things were in bloom when we went up there last...
and all the berries, fruit and other edible deliciousness has started to come out!

okay, I have no idea whatsoever what that bug thing is in that photo ^^^ but it looks scary. If anyone can  identify it that'd be awesome :)
A whole bunch of raptors were flying above the house throughout the day.
We were so glad that the weather was decent–not too hot, not too cold–and it didn't rain. Around noon some relatives came up and we had a blast taking them gown to the brook, walking in the woods, and just generally enjoying nature ;)

I love summer ;)
Are you going on summer vacation?

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